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Patent Abstract
Patent number: 20220219022
Assignee: B/E Aerospace, Inc. (Winston-Salem, NC, US)
Inventors: John Terence Barker (Overland Park, KS, US), Michael Brumley (Shawnee, KS, US)

A pulsed oxygen delivery system is disclosed for a closed breathing environment, which includes a source of gaseous oxygen, a phase dilution type oronasal dispensing mask worn by a user in a closed breathing environment defined by a pressure suit, and a pulse control module for delivering a timed and metered bolus of oxygen from the source of gaseous oxygen to the oronasal dispensing mask upon inhalation by the user.

CCT switchable illuminating device
Patent number: 11405994
Assignee: SAVANT TECHNOLOGIES LLC (East Cleveland, OH, US)
Inventors: Jie GAO (Shanghai, CN), Pan YAO (Shanghai, CN), Zhe Wang (Shanghai, CN)

Provided is a switchable Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) illuminating device. The device may include a CCT switching unit, forming electrical connection with a drive power source, and a bulb shell, at least one filament being arranged inside the bulb shell, the filament including a substrate, and a first light-emitting unit group and a second light-emitting unit group arranged on the substrate and forming electrical connection with the CCT switching unit. Each of the first light-emitting unit group and the second light-emitting unit group comprises one or more light-emitting unit, the first light-emitting unit group and the second light-emitting unit group are connected in parallel and conducting directions thereof are opposite, and when one of the first light-emitting unit group and the second light-emitting unit group is in a positive ON status, the other is in a negative OFF status. When the CCT switching unit is in a first operating mode, the first light-emitting unit group is in the positive ON status, and the CCT switchable illuminating device emits light with a first CCT. When the CCT switching unit is in a second operating mode, the second light-emitting unit group is in electrical conduction, and the CCT switchable illuminating device emits light with a second CCT. Therefore, the problem that the illuminating device in the prior art has a single CCT is solved.

Printing apparatus and control method thereof
Patent number: 11385576
Assignee: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha (Tokyo, JP)
Inventors: Tsuyoshi Saeki (Kawasaki, JP)

There is provided with a printing apparatus. A printing unit prints an image on a print medium. A heating unit heats the print medium with the image printed thereon. A detection unit detects a temperature of the heating unit. A housing accommodates the printing unit and the heating unit. An openable/closable cover member is provided on the housing and covers the heating unit. A restricting unit is capable of restricting an opening operation of the cover member. A control unit controls the restricting unit so as to execute the restriction if the temperature of the heating unit exceeds a first threshold value, and release the restriction if the temperature of the heating unit is not more than a second threshold value lower than the first threshold value.

Training apparatus for shooting basketball
Patent number: 11389709
Assignee: SPARTZ SPORTZ LLC (Western Springs, IL, US)
Inventors: Christopher Spartz (Western Springs, IL, US)

A training apparatus for assisting a person shooting a basketball includes a first wearable member for being equipped on a person's arm, a loop for slidably fitting on the person's other arm, and a bridge for connecting the first wearable member and the loop. The bridge provides feedback to the person while a shooting motion is being executed, thereby promoting consistency in the person's shooting form.

Systems and methods for parallel recording of events on a screen of a computer
Patent number: 11388288
Assignee: Nice Ltd. (Ra'anana, IL)
Inventors: Yaron COHEN (Modiin, IL), Peri Fishgold (Tel Aviv, IL)

Systems and methods for parallel recording of events on a screen receive start recording requests to start recording the events, each start recording request having an associated interaction identifier; capture the events on the screen in a series of video fragment files until a stop recording request with a corresponding associated interaction identifier has been received for each start recording request; update for each video fragment file, a metadata manifest with information about each interaction having events captured in the given video fragment file; and send the video fragment files, along with the updated metadata manifest to a server as each video fragment file is completed; wherein the video fragment files are forked to interaction files based on the updated metadata manifest, each interaction file associated with a different interaction; and wherein, upon receipt of a stop recording request, the files are merged into a single video recording file.

Air traffic control (ATC) radio communications authentication
Patent number: 11393349
Assignee: The Boeing Company (Chicago, IL)
Inventors: David S. Mier (Mercer Island, WA, US), Alan G. Tomaszycki (Port Orchard, WA, US)

A method for air traffic control (ATC) radio communications authentication, includes receiving, by an aircraft, an ATC voice communication from an ATC facility. The method also includes receiving, by the aircraft, authentication data from the ATC facility substantially contemporaneously with the ATC voice communication. The authentication data is associated with the ATC voice communication. The method further includes authenticating the ATC voice communication using the authentication data.

Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
Patent number: 11417500
Assignee: Tokyo Electron Limited (Tokyo, JP)
Inventors: Junichi Sasaki (Miyagi, JP), Yasuharu Sasaki (Miyagi, JP), Hidetoshi Hanaoka (Miyagi, JP), Tomohiko Akiyama (Miyagi, JP)

A disclose substrate support of a plasma processing apparatus has an electrostatic chuck that holds an edge ring. The electrostatic chuck includes a first electrode and a second electrode. In an execution period of a first plasma processing on a substrate, first potentials which are ones out of potentials same as each other and potentials different from each other are set to the first and second electrodes, respectively. In an execution period of a second plasma processing on the substrate, second potentials which are others out of the potentials same as each other and the potentials different from each other are set to the first and second electrodes, respectively. The respective potentials of the first electrode and the second electrode are switched from the first potentials to the second potentials.

Patent number: 20220219113
Assignee: Ineos Americas, LLC (Mobile, AL, US)
Inventors: Eric Matthew Teletzke (Iowa Colony, TX, US), Flavia Mariana Dos Santos Bates (Denver, CO, US), Brett Christopher Roberts (Little Elm, TX, US), Erik John Stewart (Pearland, TX, US), Kathleen Yvonne Turk (Livermore, CA, US)

A scrubbing solution for removing contaminants, including particularly hydrogen sulfide, from a fluid. The scrubbing solution includes at least one scrubbing reagent which has a primary or secondary amine and an acid, which may be phosphoric acid. The fluid being scrubbed is passed through the scrubbing solution. The contaminants react with the scrubbing reagent securing them in the scrubbing solution. The fluid being scrubbed and the scrubbing solution are then separated. The scrubbing solution is heated and, if the scrubbing solution is under pressure, the pressure is reduced. The acid facilitates thorough removal of the contaminants, and especially the hydrogen sulfide, from the scrubbing solution. The scrubbing solution is then ready for reuse. Because the scrubbing solution is rendered substantially free of hydrogen sulfides, it can absorb other sulfide contaminants that might not otherwise be absorbed.

Three dimensional printer having platen sections with compressible vertical interfacial engagement
Patent number: 11413818
Assignee: 3D SYSTEMS, INC. (Rock Hill, SC, US)
Inventors: James Francis Smith, III (Tega Cay, SC, US)

A three-dimensional printing system includes an array of platen sections, a plurality of compressive sheets, a chassis, a plurality of actuators, a powder dispenser, and an energy beam source. The array of platen sections individually have a top surface and a plurality of vertical side surfaces intersecting the top surface. The plurality of platen sections are positioned with adjacent pairs of platen sections having a pair of the vertical side surfaces in facing relation with each other and defining a vertical gap therebetween. Thus they define a plurality of vertical gaps over the array of platen sections. The plurality of compressible sheets fill the plurality of vertical gaps. The chassis supports the array of platen sections. The plurality of actuators is for individually and vertically positioning the platen sections.

Active alignment technique for measuring tilt errors in aspheric surfaces during optical assembly using lens alignment station (LAS)
Patent number: 11391564
Assignee: Opto-Alignment Technology, Inc. (Indian Trail, NC, US)
Inventors: Mark E. Green (Concord, NC, US), Rognvald P. Garden (Charlotte, NC, US)

An optical alignment system and corresponding method measures tilt errors of one or more optical surfaces, including aspheric surfaces, using interference patterns created by an illumination of the edges of an optical surface. An exemplary optical alignment system comprises a test mount centered on (and configured to rotate about) an axis, a laser, a detector and a processing circuit. The laser directs laser light along the axis to illuminate a test surface of an optical assembly disposed in the test mount. The detector detects a tilt orbit of an interference pattern produced in a first image plane perpendicular to the axis when the test mount rotates about the axis. The first image plane is spaced from a second image plane (e.g., paraxial ray focus plane) by a difference Δh. The processing circuit determines a tilt error θ of the test surface from the detected tilt orbit and the difference Δh.

Patent number: 20220246048
Assignee: Honeywell International Inc. (Charlotte, NC)
Inventors: John G. Suddreth (Cave Creek, AZ, US), Jerry Ball (Litchfield Park, AZ, US), Kenneth Leiphon (Phoenix, AZ, US)

An image processing system for generating a display for a vehicle. The image processing system receives images, respectively, from a plurality of cameras mounted on the vehicle. The field of view of the plurality of cameras at least partially overlaps. The field of view of one or more of the plurality of cameras includes a region underneath the vehicle. The images are transformed to a common reference plane using a perspective transformation algorithm and based on intrinsic and extrinsic parameters of the plurality of cameras, to thereby obtain a projected image. The projected image is projected to the common reference plane. A display is generated based on the projected image. The display includes a synthetic depiction of the vehicle including an outer profile. The display includes an image area within the outer profile that is based on the projected image for the region underneath the vehicle.

Patent number: 20220249934
Assignee: Tempo Interactive, Inc. (San Francisco, CA, US)
Inventors: Joshua Augustin (South San Francisco, CA, US), Moawia Eldeeb (South San Francisco, CA, US)

A plurality of motion sensors capable of capturing IR video, depth video, and RGB images. Periodically emitting IR pulses. Capturing IR video, depth video, and RGB images of a user. Generating a point cloud of the user. Generating a 3D model of the user including the point cloud of the user. Inputting the IR video, depth video, and RGB images into a machine learning model. Estimating a set of joints of the user in the 3D model. Tracking, based on the estimated set of joints of the user in the 3D model, the user's motion over a period of time. Determining a number of repetitions of an exercise performed by the user. Determining a feedback value. Calculating, based on the number of repetitions and the feedback value, a user exercise score. Providing, via a graphical user interface, the user exercise score and the feedback value to the user.

Method for improving health literacy of patient materials
Patent number: 11380444
Inventors: Janet Ohene-Frempong (Elkins Park, PA, US), Jann Keenan (Ellicott City, MD, US)

Systems, apparatus, and methods for improving health literacy of patient materials. The method includes receiving, from a communication source, a medical communication for a patient containing at least one of medical diagnostic information or medical treatment information. The method includes generating a health literacy assessment of the medical communication using at least one of a plurality of appearance metrics, a plurality of readability metrics, a plurality of document literacy metrics, or a plurality of quantitative literacy metrics. The method includes providing the health literacy assessment to the communication source to facilitate an improved conveyance of the at least one of the medical diagnostic information or the medical treatment information to increase comprehension by patients of all educational levels.

Patent number: 20220220895
Inventors: Michael G. McCaffrey (Windsor, CT, US)

A turbine for a gas turbine engine includes, among other things, a shaft rotatable about a longitudinal axis, a turbine rotor including one or more rows of turbine blades and a disk assembly coupled to the shaft. The disk assembly includes one or more disks each having an attachment region extending radially between an inner boundary and an outer boundary, the outer boundary is established by an outer periphery of the respective disk, the attachment region defines an array of slots distributed about the outer periphery, each of the slots extends radially inwardly from the outer boundary to the inner boundary, and each of the slots is dimensioned to receive a root section of a respective one of the turbine blades to mount the turbine blades to the disk assembly.

Patent number: 20220212548
Inventors: Xiaode Yin (Shenzhen, CN), Shaohua WANG (Shenzhen, CN), Jinhua Chen (Dongguan, CN)

An electrically excited motor drive system is integrated with an on-board charger (OBC), so that a power supply circuit that is in an electric vehicle and that is configured to drive an electrically excited motor can be integrated with an OBC of a dual active bridge (DAB) type. When a control component controls a switch circuit, the electrically excited motor drive system obtained after integration can separately implement a function of the power supply circuit or a function of the charging circuit in different working modes. In addition, when the electrically excited motor drive system is in different working modes, some circuits are further reused through time division. This addresses a problem that the power supply circuit cannot be integrated with the OBC of the DAB type, to reduce circuit complexity and costs of the electric vehicle.

Systems and methods for selecting and utilizing a committee of validator nodes in a distributed system
Patent number: 11411721
Assignee: Cypherium Blockchain Inc. (New York, NY, US)
Inventors: Yangrui Guo (Long Island City, NY, US), Qiandong Yang (Shenzhen, CN), Hui Zhou (Hong Kong, CN), Weiqiang Lu (Shenzhen, CN), Sheng Zeng (Shenzhen, CN), Liang Yang (Shenzhen, CN), Sicong Zhuang (Shenzhen, CN)

The disclosed embodiments provide a distributed transaction system including a group of validator nodes that are known to each other in a network but are indistinguishable to other network nodes. The validator nodes form a Committee including a Leader node and one or more Associate nodes. The Committee may be dynamically changed, such that new network nodes may be added to the Committee or may replace existing validator nodes. The Associate nodes also may coordinate with each other to select a new Leader node. The disclosed embodiments reduce the distributed system's reliance on the stability of any particular node(s) in the network, as the validator nodes in the Committee may be changed at a sufficient frequency to remove unreliable, unavailable, or otherwise untrusted nodes. Further, the disclosed embodiments provide a scheme that helps ensure the Leader node, as well as the other Committee members, functions properly.

System and method for out-of-band pairing of sterile device with non-sterile device
Patent number: 11382155
Assignee: Canon U.S.A., Inc. (Melville, NY)
Inventors: Barret Daniels (Cambridge, MA, US)

System and methods for out-of-band pairing sterile medical device with non-sterile devices without compromising sterility thereof. A system includes a sterile medical device; a non-sterile computing device; at least one near field communication (NFC) tag; and a sterile packaging enclosing the sterile medical device. In one example, a sterile percutaneous needle guidance device needs to pair and communicate with a non-sterile computer. The sterile device has an NFC tag embedded in the sterile device and an NFC tag embedded in the sterile packaging. The two NFC tags include identification information duplicate of each other. Before opening the sterile packaging either NFC tag can be scanned with the non-sterile device to initiate wireless pairing. If the sterile package is opened before pairing, the NFC tag contained in the packaging can be brought out of the sterile field and scanned with the non-sterile computer thus preserving the sterility of the sterile device.

Patent number: 20220245267
Inventors: Vipindeep Vangala (Hyderabad, IN), Ranganath Kondapally (Hyderabad, IN), Pankaj Vasant KHANZODE (Hyderabad, IN), Beethika TRIPATHI (Hyderabad, IN), Daraksha PARVEEN (Hyderabad, IN), Madan Gopal Jhanwar (Hyderabad, IN), Jimish BHAYANI (Hyderabad, IN), Priyam BAKLIWAL (Hyderabad, IN), Jatin KAKKAR (Hyderabad, IN)

An entity interlinkage platform may receive a corpus of enterprise documents and user profile data that corresponds to an individual user. The entity interlinkage platform utilizes topic extraction models to extract entities from the corpus and further utilizes the user profile data to generate a knowledge graph that includes interlinkages between the extracted entities. The entity interlinkage platform may identify a multitude of topic descriptions and corresponding topic terms from source documents that an access control list permits an individual user to access. Then, based on the user profile data, the entity interlinkage platform may generate a knowledge graph that is tailored for the individual user's specific purposes within the enterprise. For example, the knowledge graph may be generated based on knowledge graph preferences (which may be defined by the individual user) indicating preferred topic description types and/or levels of detail in association with specific topics and/or categories of topics.

Method and system for supporting promotion of use of digital local currency
Patent number: 11379814
Assignee: Hitachi, Ltd. (Tokyo, JP)
Inventors: Toshiomi MORIKI (Tokyo, JP), Yuuichi Kurosawa (Tokyo, JP), Hiroki Satoh (Tokyo, JP), Miho KOBAYASHI (Tokyo, JP)

An application executed at a user terminal with a touch screen displays, on the touch screen, a UI in which a user-side UI for accepting a touch operation by a user and a store-side UI for accepting a touch operation by a staff member of a store are placed, as a settlement UI for settlement of a currency amount of a digital local currency. The application judges whether time during which the touch operation on the user-side UI and the touch operation on the store-side UI are simultaneously continued has reached a specified period of time or not. If the judgment result is true, the application displays a settlement completion notice on the touch screen.

Deauthorization of private key of decentralized identity
Patent number: 11394542
Assignee: Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc (Redmond, WA)
Inventors: Brandon Murdoch (Reading, GB), Ankur Patel (Sammamish, WA, US), Bailey Marie Bercik (Seattle, WA, US), Daniel James Buchner (Los Gatos, CA, US)

Embodiments disclosed herein are related to the deauthorization of a private key associated with a decentralized identifier. While a user of a computing system is authenticated as a decentralized identifier, the system detects user input, and determines based on that user input that the private key associated with the decentralized identity is to be revoked. In response to this determination, the private key is deauthorized so that the private key cannot be used to perform actions for the decentralized identity at least until the private key is restored.

Patent number: 20220234806
Assignee: DOORFRAMER, INC. (Lincoln, CA, US)
Inventors: Dave Vanderpan (Lincoln, CA, US), Del Vanderpan (Lincoln, CA, US)

A double door assembly bottom restraining device and method provide stability to the double door assembly during manufacturing and shipping. The double door assembly bottom restraining device may be installed on the bottom of a double door assembly.

Patent number: 20220256697
Assignee: Choi; Yu Kyoung (Yongin-si, KR)
Inventors: Yu Kyoung Choi (Yongin-si, KR), Jong Un Park (Yongin-si, KR)

Provided are a polyimide film capable of reducing a dielectric constant of a substrate and reducing a thickness and forming a stable via with a low possibility of disconnection, a method for manufacturing the same, and an FPCB including the same. A polyimide film according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes a polyimide layer and a plurality of fluororesin particles dispersed in the polyimide layer. The fluororesin particles have a spherical or flat shape.

Patent number: 20220250732
Assignee: The Boeing Company (Chicago, IL)
Inventors: Matthew W. Walter (Troy, MO, US)

A canopy for an aircraft includes a pivot assembly including a first hinge and a second hinge opposite from the first hinge. The first hinge includes a first pivot slot having a first length. The first pivot slot is configured to retain a first aft pin of a fuselage of the aircraft. The second hinge includes a second pivot slot having a second length. The second pivot slot is configured to retain a second aft pin of the fuselage of the aircraft. The first length differs from the second length.

Back-contact solar cell and solar cell module including same
Patent number: 11380807
Assignee: Jinko Green Energy (Shanghai) Management Co., LTD. (Shanghai, CN), ZHEJIANG JINKO SOLAR CO., LTD. (Haining, CN)
Inventors: Menglei XU (Shanghai, CN), Jie YANG (Shanghai, CN), Peiting ZHENG (Shanghai, CN), Xinyu ZHANG (Shanghai, CN), Hao JIN (Shanghai, CN)

The present disclosure provides a back-contact solar cell and a solar cell module. The back-contact solar cell includes: a substrate including a light-receiving surface and a back surface opposite to the light-receiving surface, wherein the substrate includes a center region and connecting regions on opposite sides of the center region; positive electrodes and negative electrodes disposed on the back surface of the substrate; auxiliary positive electrodes, disposed on one or both of the light-receiving surface and a side surface of each of the connecting regions, and configured to be electrically coupled to the plurality of positive electrodes; and auxiliary negative electrodes, disposed on one or both of the light-receiving surface and the side surface of each of the connecting regions, and configured to be electrically coupled to the plurality of negative electrodes.

Multi-axially braided reinforcement sleeve for concrete columns and method for constructing concrete columns
Patent number: 11408176
Inventors: Raymond Alan Low (Fresno, CA, US)

A multi-axially braided reinforcement sleeve that provides a low cost, simpler method to form strong concrete columns for constructing buildings and other structures. The braided reinforcement sleeve provides structural support and the rebar normally embedded to provide structural support in concrete can be eliminated, preventing the possibility of rebar oxidation which might otherwise undermine the structural integrity of the column. The reinforcement sleeve is lightweight, easy to transport, and can be greatly reduced in size to facilitate transportation. The reinforcement sleeve and construction method can be utilized in many implementations, and can be particularly useful for constructing buildings or other structures in geographic areas that are subject to earthquakes and where low cost is important.

Reclining seating unit with wall-proximity capability and extendable headrest
Patent number: 11388998
Assignee: Ultra-Mek, Inc. (Denton, NC, US)
Inventors: Marcus L. Murphy (Lexington, NC, US)

A wall-proximity reclining seating unit includes: a frame having a back member and a pair of arms, the back member extending between the arms; a backrest; a seat; a first footrest; and a reclining mechanism connected between the frame, backrest, seat, and first footrest. The reclining mechanism comprises a series of pivotally interconnected links and is configured to move the seating unit between: (a) an upright position, (b) a TV position, in which the first footrest is extended in front of the seat and is generally horizontally disposed, and the seat and backrest are moved forwardly relative to the frame; and (c) a fully reclined position, in which the first footrest remains extended in front of the seat, and the seat is moved forward of its position in the TV position. The seating unit also includes a headrest mechanism attached to the headrest and the backrest, the headrest mechanism configured to move the headrest between a retracted position, in which the headrest is generally horizontally disposed and overlies the backrest and the back member, and an extended position, in which the headrest is generally upright and generally parallel with the backrest.

Patent number: 20220216925
Assignee: SubCom, LLC (Eatontown, NJ, US)
Inventors: Ralph Brian Jander (Freehold, NJ, US), Miguel Rodriguez (Jackson, NJ, US)

An apparatus for managing optical subsea communications system may include a plurality of fiber interface modules (FIM), wherein a given FIM comprises a receive part, and a transmit part. The transmit part may include two normally closed switches, wherein a first switch of the two normally closed switches is coupled to a line monitoring equipment (LME) TX port, and wherein a second switch of the two normally closed switches is coupled to a line terminating equipment (LTE) TX port.

Patent number: 20220216643
Inventors: TING-FENG LIAO (New Taipei City, TW), CHUN-FU LIN (New Taipei City, TW)

A waterproof socket connector includes an inner insulator, a plurality of terminals fastened in the inner insulator, at least one resistor, a conductive element, a grounding element, a shell, a sealing element and an outer insulator. The plurality of the terminals are a plurality of charging terminals and detection terminals. The at least one resistor is mounted to the detection terminals. The charging terminals are connected to the conductive element. The detection terminals are connected to the grounding element. The charging terminals are connected to the grounding element. The shell surrounds the inner insulator. A rear end of the shell is hollow to form an inner space. The sealing element is filled in the inner space. The outer insulator surrounds the inner insulator, the plurality of the terminals, the shell, the sealing element, the at least one resistor, the conductive element and grounding element.

Patent number: 20220239730
Inventors: Edo Yacov Dekel (Tel-Aviv, IL), Haim Helman (Los Gatos, CA, US)

Anomalies are detected in a distributed application that runs on a plurality of nodes to execute at least first and second workloads. The method of detecting anomalies includes collecting first network traffic data of the first workload and second network traffic data of the second workload during a first period of execution of the first and second workloads, collecting third network traffic data of the first workload and fourth network traffic data of the second workload during a second period of execution of the first and second workloads, and detecting an anomaly in the distributed application based on a comparison of the third network traffic data against the first network traffic data or a comparison of the fourth network traffic data against the second network traffic data. Anomalies may also be detected by comparing network traffic data of two groups of containers executing the same workload.

Pet Feeder/Puzzle Ball with Selectable Number of Dispensing Openings to Vary Dispensing Rates
Patent number: 20220225594
Assignee: Gramery Products, Inc. (Secaucus, NJ, US)
Inventors: William Steinkraus (Fort Lee, NJ, US), Daniel Troiano (Secaucus, NJ, US)

A pet puzzle feeder includes: a housing; a treat chamber, a portion of which is rotatably received in a cavity of the housing; and an access cover. The housing has a pattern of openings on a spherical surface that define recesses that extend to a first radial depth and do not reach the cavity. A portion of those housing openings, being in three different regions of the housing, define conduits that extend to interconnect with the cavity. Different numbers or sizes of the opening on the three regions permit dispensing of treats at different rates, when the dispensing opening of the treat chamber is rotated/aligned therewith. A detent mechanism releasably inhibit treat chamber rotation when aligned with the openings in each region. A first color is used for the conduits, and a second color for the recesses, as a visual cue for the pet.

System and method for global data sharing
Patent number: 11418577
Assignee: Snowflake Inc. (Bozeman, MT)
Inventors: Pui Kei Johnston Chu (San Mateo, CA), Benoit Dageville (Foster City, CA), Matthew Glickman (Larchmont, NY, US), Christian Kleinerman (Burlingame, CA), Prasanna Krishnan (Palo Alto, CA), Justin Langseth (Kailua, HI)

Sharing data in a data exchange across multiple cloud computing platforms and/or cloud computing platform regions is described. An example computer-implemented method can include receiving data sharing information from a data provider for sharing a data set in a data exchange from a first cloud computing entity to a set of second cloud computing entities. In response to receiving the data sharing information, the method may also include creating an account with each of the set of second cloud computing entities. The method may also further include sharing the data set from the first cloud computing entity with the set of second cloud computing entities using at least the corresponding account of that second cloud computing entity.

Powered surgical tack applier
Patent number: 11389159
Assignee: Covidien Lp (Mansfield, MA)
Inventors: David A. Nicholas (Trumbull, CT, US), Russell V. Pribanic (Roxbury, CT, US)

A powered surgical tack applier is configured to deploy a surgical tack through tissue or a surgical mesh. The surgical tack applier is articulatable to facilitate placement of the surgical tack to a desired surgical location. The powered surgical tack applier includes a power module that includes a battery, a motor, and a gear box. The power module provides a high-speed/low-toque output and a low-speed/high-torque output.

Clip applier comprising interchangeable clip reloads
Patent number: 11406390
Assignee: Cilag GmbH International (Zug, CH)
Inventors: Frederick E. Shelton, IV (Hillsboro, OH, US), Jason L. Harris (Lebanon, OH), Gregory J. Bakos (Mason, OH, US), Chester O. Baxter, III (Loveland, OH, US)

A surgical device for clipping tissue is disclosed. The surgical device comprises a housing, a shaft extending from the housing, and a first reload releasably attachable to the shaft. The first reload comprises a first end effector and a first clip magazine including a plurality of first clips. The surgical device further comprises a second reload releasably attachable to the shaft when the first reload is not attached to the shaft. The first reload and the second reload are different sizes. The second reload comprises a second end effector and a second clip magazine including a plurality of second clips.

Frequency generation in a quantum controller
Patent number: 11387820
Assignee: Quantum Machines (N/A)
Inventors: Yonatan Cohen (Tel Aviv, IL), Nissim Ofek (Tel Aviv, IL), Itamar Sivan (Tel Aviv, IL)

A system comprises time-tracking circuitry and phase parameter generation circuitry. The time-tracking circuitry is operable to generate a time-tracking value corresponding to time elapsed since a reference time. The phase parameter generation circuitry operable to: receive the time-tracking value; receive a control signal that conveys a frequency parameter corresponding to a desired frequency of an oscillating signal; and generate a plurality of phase parameters used for generation of an oscillating signal, wherein the generation of the plurality of phase parameters is based on the time-tracking value and the frequency parameter such that the oscillating signal maintains phase continuity across changes in the frequency parameter.

Patent number: 20220221211
Inventors: Kevin Knatt (St. Louis, MO, US)

A commercial ice maker purges water from a sump via a passive drain valve instead of an active drain pump. The ice maker uses a large freeze plate, but still can accommodate the passive drain valve within a standard enclosure footprint. A bottom wall of the ice maker has a drain passaging groove formed in an upper surface. The drain valve is supported above the bottom wall and drain tube is at least partially received in the drain passaging groove. The drain valve can include a valve body that has a valve seat and a movable valve member that opens and closes a valve passage through the valve seat. The valve member radially overlaps the valve seat along a longitudinal axis when the valve member is closed.

Backlight module with light guide plate with columnar microstructure groups
Patent number: 11415736
Inventors: Yu-Huan Chiu (Hsinchu County, TW), Chien-Wei Liao (Hsinchu County, TW), Yen-Lung Chen (Hsinchu County, TW)

The present disclosure provides a backlight module including a light guide plate including a light-emitting surface, a bottom surface opposite to the light-emitting surface, and a light-incident side connecting the light-emitting surface and the bottom surface and light-emitting elements disposed at the light-incident side along a first direction. The light guide plate includes first columnar microstructures extending along a second direction perpendicular to the first direction on the light-emitting surface and columnar microstructure groups with second columnar microstructures, which are 1-15 times the number of the adjacent first columnar microstructures, between the first columnar microstructures extending along the second direction on the light-emitting surface. A first width of the first columnar microstructures is larger than or equal to a second width of the columnar microstructure groups along the first direction. A first height of the first columnar microstructures is larger than a second height of the columnar microstructure groups.

On-demand code obfuscation of data in input path of object storage service
Patent number: 11386230
Assignee: Amazon Technologies, Inc. (Seattle, WA)
Inventors: Ramyanshu Datta (Seattle, WA, US), Timothy Lawrence Harris (Cambridge, GB), Kevin C. Miller (Bainbridge Island, WA, US)

Systems and methods are described for modifying input and output (I/O) to an object storage service by implementing one or more owner-specified functions to I/O requests. A function can implement a data manipulation, such as filtering out sensitive data before reading or writing the data. The functions can be applied prior to implementing a request method (e.g., GET or PUT) specified within the I/O request, such that the data to which the method is applied my not match the object specified within the request. For example, a user may request to obtain (e.g., GET) a data set. The data set may be passed to a function that filters sensitive data to the data set, and the GET request method may then be applied to the output of the function. In this manner, owners of objects on an object storage service are provided with greater control of objects stored or retrieved from the service.

Selective friction brake allocation during taxi
Patent number: 11400900
Assignee: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation (Charlotte, NC)
Inventors: Michael J. Menke (Roscoe, IL, US)

An aircraft or other vehicle includes a system and method for selectively allocating which friction brakes of a plurality of friction brakes are utilized in response to a braking demand. Said differently, the present disclosure provides a system and method that includes dynamically switching which friction brakes of a plurality of friction brakes are active (e.g., in use) at a given time in response to a braking demand. This dynamic switching may not only be based on the received braking demand (e.g., from a pilot or auto-braking module), but may also be based on one or more of the following: respective measured brake parameters of the plurality of friction brakes (e.g., temperature, extent-of-wear), aircraft parameters, external parameters, and respective calculated brake conditions.

Systems and methods for monitoring storage of carry-on items in storage bins of an aircraft
Patent number: 20220212799
Inventors: Jamie J. Childress (Mercer Island, WA, US)

A system of monitoring carry-on items for a flight of an aircraft includes one or more cameras positioned to capture images of carry-on items associated with passengers of an aircraft. The system includes an interface configured to receive image data from the one or more cameras. The system also includes one or more processors coupled to the interface. The one or more processors are configured to analyze the image data to determine characteristics of a carry-on item. The one or more processors are configured to determine that one or more alert conditions are satisfied based on a comparison of one or more alert criteria to the characteristics of the carry-on item and data associated with the aircraft. The one or more processors are also configured to send, to one or more devices, an output based on satisfaction of the one or more alert conditions.

System, assay and method for partitioning proteins
Patent number: 11408898
Assignee: The Brigham And Women's Hospital, Inc. (Boston, MA)
Inventors: Omid Farokhzad (Waban, MA, US), Morteza Mahmoudi (Brookline, MA), Claudia Corbo (Milan, IT)

The present disclosure provides a system comprising a communication interface and computer for assigning a label to the biomolecule fingerprint, wherein the label corresponds to a biological state. The present disclosure also provides a sensor arrays for detecting biomolecules and methods of use. In some embodiments, the sensor arrays are capable of determining a disease state in a subject.

Optical interface assembly and optical module
Patent number: 11402592
Assignee: InnoLight Technology (Suzhou) Ltd. (Suzhou, CN)
Inventors: Long Chen (Jiangsu, CN)

An optical interface assembly, comprising a lens barrel, a lens disposed in the lens barrel, an optical receptacle, a stub disposed in the optical receptacle, and a diaphragm disposed between the lens and the stub. A diameter of a light passing hole of the diaphragm is smaller than a diameter of a light passing surface of the lens. A first end surface of the stub facing the lens is disposed at an inclined angle relative to an axis of the stub. When a light beam is coupled into the stub by the lens, a portion of a return light reflected from the first end surface is reflected to an outside of the light passing hole of the diaphragm.

Patent number: 20220244026
Inventors: Matthew S. Schroeder (Princeton, MN, US), Adam J. Moser (Big Lake, MN, US), Drew L. Goodlin (Isanti, MN, US), Erik K. Carlson (Oak Grove, MN, US)

Shot projectiles are disclosed that are not completely spherical. The shot has an equatorial ring, top and bottom poles, and one or more sections extending between the ring and the respective poles. The ring defines a vertical height relative to an overall diameter of the projectile. The one or more sections provide flat, concave, or convex surfaces.

Jet ablation die singulation systems and related methods
Patent number: 11387145
Assignee: Semiconductor Components Industries, Llc (Phoenix, AZ)
Inventors: Michael J. Seddon (Gilbert, AZ)

Implementations of a method of singulating a plurality of semiconductor die may include forming an opening in a layer of passivation material coupled to a second side of a semiconductor substrate; etching substantially through a thickness of the semiconductor substrate at the opening in the layer of passivation material to form etched sidewalls along the thickness at a plurality of die streets; and jet ablating one or more portions of the layer of passivation material that overhangs the etched sidewalls.

Digital modulation/demodulation with active monitoring for measurement of power factor and capacitance in high-voltage bushings, transformers, reactors, and other electrical equipment with high-voltage insulation
Patent number: 11415619
Inventors: Joe D. Watson (Jupiter, FL, US), Hemchandra M. Shertukde (Simsbury, CT, US), Rekha H. Shertukde (Simsbury, CT, US)

Systems and methods for measuring the integrity of insulation components in energized or de-energized electrical systems. Using a digital modulation/demodulation system, an active monitoring system adds a modulated high frequency signal to an injected signal and demodulates the resulting signal to provide voltages and currents that are measured and used to determine the capacitances and power factors of the insulation components. Systems may be used for on-line detection and measurement of power factor and capacitance of electrical equipment such as transformers, reactors, and condenser type bushings. The present disclosure is especially applicable to the electrical power industry.

Patent number: 20220246508
Assignee: Mediatek Inc. (Hsin-Chu, TW)
Inventors: Chiang-Lin Yen (Hsinchu City, TW), Che-Hung Kuo (Hsinchu City, TW)

A semiconductor structure includes a semiconductor die having an active surface, a passivation layer covering the active surface of the semiconductor die, and a post-passivation interconnect (PPI) layer disposed over the passivation layer. The PPI layer includes a ball pad having a first diameter. A polymer layer covers a perimeter of the ball pad. An under-bump-metallurgy (UBM) layer is disposed on the ball pad. The UBM layer has a second diameter that is greater than the first diameter of the ball pad. A solder ball is mounted on the UBM layer.

Polymer particles for neutrophil injury
Patent number: 11376221
Assignee: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI)
Inventors: Omolola Eniola-Adefeso (Ann Arbor, MI, US), William Kelley (Ann Arbor, MI, US), Theodore Standiford (Ann Arbor, MI, US)

Provided herein are methods of treatment, compositions, systems and kits using polymer particles as restraints of neutrophil function. Such methods include, but are not limited to, methods of preventing, treating, and/or ameliorating inflammatory diseases, infections, autoimmune diseases, malignant diseases, and other diseases or conditions in which neutrophils may be implicated. In some embodiments, polymer particles are useful for diagnosing neutrophil related diseases or conditions.

Numerical control device
Patent number: 11402816
Assignee: Fanuc Corporation (Yamanashi, JP)
Inventors: Hiroyuki Fujimoto (Yamanashi, JP), Nobuaki Aizawa (Yamanashi, JP)

A numerical control device according to an aspect of the present disclosure controls a machine tool that machines a workpiece by way of a tool in accordance with a machining program, and includes: an offset setting unit which decides an offset direction and an offset amount with an orientation of the tool as a reference, for every tool; a test-running path calculation unit which calculates a test-running movement path of the tool obtained by offsetting by the offset amount in the offset direction from a machining movement path of the tool designated by the machining program; and an operating mode selection unit which selects either one of a machining operation mode of causing the tool to move following the machining movement path, and a test-run mode of causing the tool to move following the test-running movement path.

Integrated Assemblies and Methods of Forming Integrated Assemblies
Patent number: 20220238417
Assignee: Micron Technology, Inc. (Boise, ID)
Inventors: Zhuo Chen (Boise, ID, US), Irina V. Vasilyeva (Boise, ID, US), Darwin Franseda Fan (Boise, ID, US), Kamal Kumar Muthukrishnan (Boise, ID, US)

Some embodiments include a method of forming an integrated assembly. Semiconductor material is patterned into a configuration which includes a set of first upwardly-projecting structures spaced from one another by first gaps, and a second upwardly-projecting structure spaced from the set by a second gap. The second gap is larger than the first gaps. Conductive material is formed along the first and second upwardly-projecting structures and within the first and second gaps. First and second segments of protective material are formed over regions of the conductive material within the second gap, and then an etch is utilized to pattern the conductive material into first conductive structures within the first gaps and into second conductive structures within the second gap. Some embodiments include integrated assemblies.

Patent number: 20220247616
Inventors: Michael Rosenblatt (Campbell, CA, US), Gloria Lin (San Francisco, CA, US), Amir Mahmood Mikhak (Cambridge, MA, US), Taido Lantz Nakajima (San Jose, CA, US), Sean Anthony Mayo (San Francisco, CA, US), Andrew HODGE (Palo Alto, WA, US), Anthony Michael Fadell (Portola Valley, CA, US), Jeffery Theodore Lee (Los Gatos, CA, US), Shawn A. ELLIS (Sunnyvale, CA, US), Policarpo Wood (San Jose, CA, US), Alan Christopher Cannistraro (San Francisco, CA, US)

Systems and methods of placeshifting media playback between two or more devices are provided. For example, a method for placeshifting media may include downloading onto a first device an index of files accessed or modified on a second device via a data storage server, at least one of the files being a media file played on the second device. The first device may display a user selectable list of the files on the first device before issuing a request for the media file to the data storage server. The data storage server may send the media file to the first device from the data storage server, and the first device may play back the media file where the second device left off.

Image capture apparatus and control method thereof
Patent number: 11388331
Assignee: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha (Tokyo, JP)
Inventors: Yasuhiro Matsuo (Gyoda, JP)

An image capture apparatus that detects a position of a gazed point in an image based on a line of sight of a user is disclosed. The image capture apparatus also detects at least one characteristic area from the image and sets a determination area to each characteristic area having a size that is greater than or equal to a predetermined lower limit value. Then the image capture apparatus selects the characteristic area corresponding to a determination area including the position of the gazed point.

Investigation assist system and investigation assist method
Patent number: 11417103
Inventors: Yuichiro Mori (Fukuoka, JP), Hideo Noguchi (Fukuoka, JP), Yoshitaka Fukushima (Fukuoka, JP), Hiroaki Ootake (Fukuoka, JP), Ryoji Koga (Fukuoka, JP)

An investigation assist system includes a plurality of servers and an integration server communicatively connected to a terminal and the plurality of servers. In response to reception of a video captured by a plurality of cameras, each of the plurality of servers performs a video analysis of an object with respect to an incident, the plurality of servers processing different objects, respectively. Based on an input of a plurality of different object feature elements from the terminal, the integration server sends a search request for corresponding objects to the respective servers corresponding to the object feature elements, receives and integrates search results of the corresponding objects from the respective servers, and causes the terminal to display an integrated search result.

Patent number: 20220216551
Inventors: George James Hansel (Redwood City, CA, US)

A battery ejection system is disclosed. The battery ejection system comprises a pressure vessel, a battery submodule positioned at least partway in the pressure vessel and configured to release gas into the pressure vessel, and a seal of the pressure vessel configured to release in the event a pressure level in the pressure vessel exceeds a threshold pressure level. The battery submodule is configured to be ejected from an electrical connection in the event the seal is released.

Backlight driving method, display driving method, drive device and display device
Patent number: 11380271
Assignee: BOE MLED Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing, CN), Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd. (Beijing, CN)
Inventors: Qibing GU (Beijing, CN), Wei HAO (Beijing, CN), Rui LIU (Beijing, CN), Lingyun Shi (Beijing, CN), Wei Sun (Beijing, CN), Ming Chen (Beijing, CN), Hong Yang (Beijing, CN)

Disclosed are a backlight driving method, a display driving method, a drive device and a display device. The backlight driving method includes: receiving a frame of backlight data, wherein the frame of backlight data includes a plurality of first control signals which are respectively applied to the plurality of switching channels and serve as the switching control signals, and a plurality of second control signal groups respectively corresponding to the plurality of first control signals, each of the plurality of second control signal groups includes a plurality of second control signals which are respectively applied to the plurality of output channels and serve as the output control signals, and the plurality of first control signals are modulated non-constant width pulse signals respectively; and driving the backlight unit to emit light by using the plurality of first control signals and the plurality of second control signal groups.

Patent number: 20220248746
Assignee: KT&G CORPORATION (Daejeon, KR)
Inventors: Jung Kyu SEO (Daejeon, KR), Jae Hyun Lee (Daejeon, KR), Young Rim HAN (Daejeon, KR)

A cooling structure, which is located downstream of a smoking material portion provided in a smoking article and located upstream of a mouthpiece portion, includes: a body portion that has a tube shape having a hollow therein and is made of a paper material; and a plurality of perforations that are arranged in a circumferential direction of the body portion such that the inside and outside of the body portion are in fluid communication with each other.

Patent number: 20220249728
Inventors: Keun Seok Lee (Seoul, KR), Sangyul Lee (Seoul, KR)

The present invention provides an intelligent air shield formation device, having a plurality of nozzles are configured to discharge purified air towards ground, detecting a body region of the detected person, generating region information, controlling the plurality of nozzles corresponding to the region information, generating movement information based on a speed of movement of the body region, controlling the shape of the region information to be deformed based on the movement information.

Method for improving digestive health
Patent number: 11382880
Assignee: Brightseed, Inc. (South San Francisco, CA, US), SANFORD-BURNHAM MEDICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE (La Jolla, CA, US)
Inventors: Lee Heil Chae (San Francisco, CA, US), Fred LEVINE (La Jolla, CA, US)

Disclosed herein are methods for improving digestive health by providing a consumable composition. Some embodiments provided include, for example, administering a compound of Formula (I) or compound of Formula (II). Some embodiments provide the composition is formulated as a dietary supplement, food ingredient or additive, a medical food, nutraceutical or pharmaceutical composition.

Patent number: 20220237369
Assignee: UiPath, Inc. (New York, NY, US)
Inventors: Bridgette Graham (Gauteng, ZA)

A computing device includes a processor and a memory configured to create one or more forms for an application in an environment. The processor and the memory are further configured to create one or more environment variables related to the one or more forms. The processor is further configured to utilize one or more paths to track a dependency reference between the one or more environment variables, wherein a data model includes the one or more paths and the one or more environment variables. The processor is further configured to execute the data model to recreate the dependency reference, between the one or more environment variables, for the application in a target environment.

Ticket-based provisioning of cloud infrastructure for a SaaS provider
Patent number: 11418415
Assignee: Hashicorp (San Francisco, CA)
Inventors: Paul Welch (Washington, DC, US), Kim Ngo (Fort Worth, TX, US), Justin Campbell (West Chester, PA, US), Greg Hoin (Annecy, FR), Lauren Rother (Durham, NC, US)

Systems and methods for ticket-based provisioning of cloud infrastructure from one or more cloud providers to build one or more computing workspaces of an enterprise. A provisioning platform provides a module catalog having one or more infrastructure-as-code (IAC) modules, each including code that is executable to provision cloud computing resources for the cloud infrastructure from the cloud providers to build the computing workspaces of the enterprise. A service catalog has one or more electronic entries mapped to and corresponding with the IAC modules of the module catalog. The service catalog receives one or more tickets that each specify at least one of the electronic entries in the service catalog, to bind each specified electronic entry with a corresponding IAC module, causing the provisioning platform to instantiate on the more cloud providers the computing resources for the cloud infrastructure corresponding to the ticket.

E-fuse enhancement by underlayer layout design
Patent number: 11410926
Assignee: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Hsinchu, TW)
Inventors: An-Jiao FU (Hsinchu, TW), Po-Hsiang Huang (Taipei, TW), Derek Hsu (Hsinchu, TW), Hsiu-Wen Hsueh (Taichung, TW), Meng-Sheng Chang (Hsinchu County, TW)

In the present disclosure, a semiconductor structure includes an Mx-1 layer including a first dielectric layer and first metal features, wherein the first metal features include a first set of first metal features in a first region and a second set of first metal features in a second region, wherein the first set has a first pattern density and the second set has a second pattern density being greater than the first pattern density. The structure further includes a Vx layer disposed over the Mx-1 layer, the Vx layer including first vias contacting the first set of the first metal features. The structure further includes an Mx layer disposed over the Vx layer, the Mx layer including a fuse element, wherein the fuse element has a first thickness in the first region less than a second thickness in the second region.

Transmission device capable of control feedback and control feedback method
Patent number: 11379397
Assignee: AVer Information Inc. (New Taipei, TW)
Inventors: Han-Yen Chang (New Taipei, TW), Ming Kang Chuang (New Taipei, TW)

A transmission device capable of control feedback comprises a sender and a receiver. The sender electrically connects to an electronic device through USB type-C for receiving an image signal and sending a control signal. A first processing circuit of the sender converts a network packet into the control signal. A first communication circuit of the sender receives the network packet and sends the image signal. The receiver electrically connects to a display device for sending the image signal and receiving the control signal. A second processing circuit of the receiver encapsulates control signal into the network packet. A second communication circuit of the receiver communicably connects to the first communication circuit to send the network packet and receive the image signal.

Patent number: 20220219616
Assignee: Havis, Inc. (Warminster, PA, US)
Inventors: Keith Halonen (Howell, MI, US), Stephen Telesco (Dexter, MI, US)

A system for mounting an object within a vehicle. The system has a housing, a pair of rotatable objects at least partially received within a respective opposed end of the housing, a pair of locking elements within the housing and movable between a locked position in which they exert a locking force against a respective rotatable object, and an unlocked position in which the locking element does not exert the locking force against the respective rotatable object. A handle extends from the housing and is coupled to the locking elements through a rigid linkage within the housing. The handle is pivotable between an extended position in which the handle moves the pair of locking elements via the rigid linkage to the unlocked position and a locked position in which the handle moves the pair of locking elements via the rigid linkage to the locked position.

Patent number: 20220254714
Inventors: Bin Lu (Shenzhen, CN), Jian Shen (Shenzhen, CN)

The present application provides a capacitor and a method for producing the same The capacitor includes: a multi-wing structure, including N groups of wing structures and N support structures, each group of the wing structures includes M wing structures arranged in parallel, M limit slots are formed on an outer side wall of the support structure, the M wing structures are fixed on outside of the support structure through the M limit slots, respectively, and M and N are positive integers; a laminated structure, covering the multi-wing structure and including at least one dielectric layer and a plurality of conductive layers; at least one first external electrode, electrically connecting to part or all of the odd-number conductive layers in the plurality of conductive layers; and at least one second external electrode, electrically connecting to part or all of even-number conductive layers in the plurality of conductive layers.

Controlling ongoing usage of a battery cell having one or more internal supercapacitors and an internal battery
Patent number: 11407327
Assignee: Veritone Alpha, Inc. (Costa Mesa, CA)
Inventors: Wolf Kohn (Seattle, WA), Yanfang Shen (Bellevue, WA, US), Jordan Makansi (Seattle, WA, US)

Techniques are described for implementing automated control systems that each control or otherwise manipulate, for a target system having one or more battery cells each having internal components that include one or more internal supercapacitor components in parallel with at least one battery component, usage operations for one of the internal components of one of the battery cells, with the usage operations for the internal components of a particular battery cell being synchronized or otherwise coordinated to protect the battery component(s) of the battery cell while satisfying other criteria (e.g., to increase battery cell life and/or reduce power dissipation). In at least some situations, the target system is an electric vehicle, and the automated control systems control the electric vehicle's battery cells to provide electrical power to the motor during acceleration and constant speed driving, and to store electrical power in the battery cells during braking or other deceleration.

Terminal device
Patent number: 11381671
Assignee: CHENGDU BOE OPTOELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (Sichuan, CN), Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd. (Beijing, CN)
Inventors: Fan Li (Beijing, CN), Lianbin LIU (Beijing, CN), Huan MENG (Beijing, CN), Mingfang Wang (Beijing, CN)

A terminal device includes: a rear housing, and a photosensitive element disposed on the rear housing; a light-transmissive cover plate provided with an edge window region coated with ink, wherein the edge window region includes a light-transmissive ink region; and a display panel provided with an edge light-transmissive region, wherein at least a portion of the edge light-transmissive region is disposed between the light-transmissive ink region and the photosensitive element, and both the edge light-transmissive region and the light-transmissive ink region are regions transmittable to light.

Semiconductor devices
Patent number: 11410997
Assignee: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (KR)
Inventors: Junghan Lee (Anyang-si, KR), TaeYong KWON (Suwon-si, KR), Minchul Sun (Yongin-si, KR), Byounggi Kim (Suwon-si, KR), Suhyeon Park (Bucheon-si, KR), Kihwan Lee (Hwaseong-si, KR)

A semiconductor device may include a substrate including first regions and a second region between the first regions. Active fins may protrude from the substrate in the first regions. Each of the active fins may extend in a first direction parallel to an upper surface of the substrate. The active fins may be regularly arranged and spaced apart from each other in a second direction. First trenches may be at both edges of the second region. A protrusion may be between the first trenches. An upper surface of the protrusion may be lower than a bottom of the active fins. A first width in the second direction of one of the first trenches may be greater than 0.7 times a first pitch of the active fins that is a sum of a width of one of the active fins and a distance between adjacent ones of the active fins.

Display device for low-speed driving and driving method thereof
Patent number: 11417283
Assignee: Lg Display Co., Ltd. (Seoul, KR)
Inventors: Sungyoung Son (Hadong-gun, KR), Suhyeon Jo (Goyang-si, KR), Dongseok Ahn (Seoul, KR)

Disclosed herein are a display device for low-speed driving and a driving method thereof. The display device according to embodiments of the present disclosure may set a reference compensation voltage for compensating a node voltage of each pixel during an image holding period after a refresh period where image data are input at the time of low-speed driving, and may compensate a node voltage of each sub pixel on the basis of a unit of at least one frame during each image holding period between the refresh periods, thereby making it possible to prevent a deterioration of image quality and reduce electricity consumption.

Efficient Embedding Table Storage and Lookup
Patent number: 20220222235
Inventors: Gaurav Menghani (Santa Clara, CA, US)

The present disclosure provides systems, methods, and computer program products for providing efficient embedding table storage and lookup in machine-learning models. A computer-implemented method may include obtaining an embedding table comprising a plurality of embeddings respectively associated with a corresponding index of the embedding table, compressing each particular embedding of the embedding table individually allowing each respective embedding of the embedding table to be decompressed independent of any other embedding in the embedding table, packing the embedding table comprising individually compressed embeddings with a machine-learning model, receiving an input to use for locating an embedding in the embedding table, determining a lookup value based on the input to search indexes of the embedding table, locating the embedding based on searching the indexes of the embedding table for the determined lookup value, and decompressing the located embedding independent of any other embedding in the embedding table.

Patent number: 20220247251
Inventors: Dustin Jefferies (Baltimore, MD, US), David J. Smith (Columbia, MD, US), Marcus E. E. Rydin (Baltimore, MD, US), Justin H. Ayers (Jarrettsville, MD, US), Sumiteru Mori (Baltimore, MD, US), Kristopher Cochran (Middle River, MD, US)

A motor is provided including: a stator including a stator core, stator windings, and an end insulator; a rotor rotatably received within the stator; and stator terminals supported by the routing insulator and extending away from the stator. Each stator terminal includes a main body having a curved portion, a tang portion folded over the main body and receiving a portion of a magnet wire therein to make an electrical connection with at least one of the stator windings, and a terminal pin projecting axially away from the stator core. The stator core has a maximum diameter of less than or equal to approximately 34 mm defining an outer envelope of the stator, and the stator terminals are fully contained within the outer envelope.

Methodology and system for dynamic lightweight personalized analytics
Patent number: 11410108
Inventors: Sandra K. Johnson (Cary, NC)

An embodiment of the present invention is directed to a feedback-based system and methodology for dynamic lightweight personalized analytics (DLPA). Disclosed embodiments include a process for dynamically leveraging various inputs such as behavioral and other analytics types, and using a small number of dynamically adjusted parameters, a small memory footprint and optimal computation, to deliver behavioral and other suggestions for customer behavior. In addition, certain actions are cancelled, prior to their completion, based on new, dynamically discovered customer behaviors.

Electrified mortise lock for sliding door
Patent number: 11408198
Inventors: Qianyan Cheng (Sacramento, CA, US)

Electrified mortise lock for sliding door is a mortise lock for a sliding door. Electrified mortise lock for sliding door is electrified wherein an electric motor is used to latch and unlatch the mortise lock and lock and unlock the mortise lock. Electrified mortise lock for sliding door includes multiple types of door locks including sliding door locks that meet the ANSI and BHMA standards for a privacy, entry, office, and classroom door lock. Electrified mortise lock for sliding door mounts within a mortise pocket of a sliding door. Electrified mortise lock for sliding door can automatically latch when the sliding door in closed and automatically unlatch when the sliding door is opened. Electrified mortise lock for sliding door can also automatically lock when the sliding door in closed and automatically unlock when the sliding door is opened. Electrified mortise lock for sliding door receives power from a power unit located: in the upper door jamb or in the strike plate in the door jamb.

Apparatus for additively manufacturing an article and related tools
Patent number: 11376788
Assignee: Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation (Falls Church, VA)
Inventors: Thomas A. Cote (Ashburn, VA, US), Michael D. Roberts (Fairfax, VA, US), Randy L. Spicer (Sterling, VA, US), William A. Wautlet (Alexandria, VA, US)

An apparatus for additively manufacturing an article comprises a heat block, a nozzle configured to receive a feed material in operable communication with the heat block, and a radiator configured to transfer heat from the heat block to an external environment by thermal radiation. Related tools for additively manufacturing a material in a vacuum, and related methods are also disclosed.

Patent number: 20220256356
Inventors: Jingchao Bao (San Diego, CA), Sony Akkarakaran (Poway, CA)

Techniques are provided for managing positioning reference signals in communication networks. An example method of measuring downlink positioning reference signals includes transmitting one or more uplink positioning reference signals, receiving downlink positioning reference signal configuration information associated at least in part with the one or more uplink positioning reference signals, and measuring one or more downlink positioning reference signals based at least in part on the downlink positioning reference signal configuration information.

Patent number: 20220255724
Inventors: Ji LIU (Beijing, CN), Qilong LI (Beijing, CN), Dejing DOU (Beijing, CN), Chongsheng ZHANG (Beijing, CN)

The present disclosure provides a method and apparatus for determining an encryption mask, a method and apparatus for recognizing an image, a method and apparatus for training a model, a device, a storage medium and a computer program product. A specific implementation comprises: acquiring a test image set and an encryption mask set; superimposing an image in the test image set with a mask in the encryption mask set to obtain an encrypted image set; recognizing an image in the encrypted image set using a pre-trained encrypted image recognition model and recognizing the image in the encrypted image set using a pre-trained original image recognition model to obtain a first recognition result; and determining a target encryption mask from the encryption mask set based on the first recognition result.

Patent number: 20220237410
Inventors: Carl Magnus Wrenninge (San Francisco, CA, US)

A method and system for synthetic data generation and analysis includes generating a synthetic dataset. A set of parameters is determined and scenarios are generated from the parameters that represent three-dimensional scenes. Synthetic images are rendered for the scenarios. A synthetic dataset may be formed to have a controlled variation in attributes of synthetic images over a synthetic dataset. The synthetic dataset may be used for training or evaluating a machine learning model.

Patent number: 20220225004
Assignee: Gn Hearing A/S (Ballerup, DK)
Inventors: Morten Lerstrup PEDERSEN (Copenhagen, DK)

The disclosure relates to a charging kit for charging one or more rechargeable hearing devices being configured to be worn by a user. The charging kit comprises a base charger being configured to receive a first model specific insert, the base charger comprising a transmitter charging element, where the first model specific insert is adapted to removably receive at least a first model specific hearing device of the one or more hearing devices, the first model specific hearing device comprising a first receiver charging element. The transmitter charging element is arranged in the base charger on an adjustable support.

Electronic apparatus and method for implementing simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)
Patent number: 11378407
Assignee: Lg Electronics Inc. (Seoul, KR), Korea and Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Daejeon, KR)
Inventors: Kyeongjin Jeon (Seoul, KR), Hyukjung Lee (Daejeon, KR), Joohwan Chun (Daejeon, KR), Sungjoo Kim (Seoul, KR)

The present disclosure relates to a method of selecting representative measurements from among measurements related to an environment around a movable object and determining whether the representative measurements are associated with landmarks to realize SLAM and an electronic apparatus for the same. One or more of an electronic apparatus, a vehicle, and an autonomous vehicle of the present disclosure may be connected to, for example, an artificial intelligence module, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), a robot, an augmented reality (AR) device, a virtual reality (VR) device, or a 5G service device.

Coupling for a drinking straw
Patent number: 11375834
Inventors: Ryan Barrett (Merritt Island, FL, US)

A coupling including a first elongate member and a second elongate member. The first elongate member includes a first tube and a first magnet. The first tube has a first end and a second end. The first magnet secures to the first end of the first tube. The second elongate member includes a second tube and a second magnet. The second tube has a first end and a second end. The second magnet secures to the first end of the second tube. The first and second magnets are cooperatively configured to attract one another and secure the first end of the first tube to the first end of the second tube.

Patent number: 20220216865
Inventors: Eugene V. Solodovnik (Kenmore, WA, US), Kamiar J. Karimi (Kirkland, WA, US), Shengyi Liu (Sammamish, WA, US)

A system including a power modulation device and an active voltage balancing system is provided. The power modulation device includes first and second semiconductor switches in series. The active voltage balancing system includes a differential voltage logic configured to detect a voltage difference between the first and second semiconductor switches and edge capture logic configured to detect a time difference between when the first and second semiconductor switches are switched. The active voltage balancing system further includes a micro-controller configured to output first and second gate drive signals to drive the first and second semiconductor switches. The micro-controller is configured to tune the first and second gate drive signals based on the voltage difference to compensate for voltage imbalance and the time difference to compensate for drive signal asymmetry to actively balance a voltage between the first and second semiconductor switches.

Three-component Seismic Data Acquisition While Fracking
Patent number: 20220214467
Assignee: Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Dhahran, SA)
Inventors: Yujin Liu (Al Khobar, SA), Yue Du (Al Khobar, SA), Tong Wang Fei (Dhahran, SA), Yi Luo (Dhahran, SA)

An acquisition system is configured to acquire seismic data representing a subsurface formation during a fracking process. The system includes at least one acoustic sensor that is configured to obtain vibration data representing vibrations relating to three orthogonal directions relative to the at least one acoustic sensor. The system is configured to receive the vibration data from the at least one acoustic sensor, identify one or more resonance frequencies represented in the vibration data, determine, based on the identified one or more resonance frequencies, a stage of a fracking process being performed, identify, based on the stage of the fracking process that is identified, a feature of one or more fractures in a borehole that is configured for the fracking process, and generate a seismic image of the subsurface formation based on the feature of the one or more fractures.

Patent number: 20220215506
Inventors: Chihsin Wu (San Jose, CA), David R. Pope (Campbell, CA, US), Sheng Lin (San Jose, CA), Amnon D. Silverstein (Palo Alto, CA, US)

A foveated down sampling and correction (FDS-C) circuit for combined down sampling and correction of chromatic aberrations in images. The FDS-C circuit performs down sampling and interpolation of pixel values of a first subset of pixels of a color in a raw image using down sampling scale factors and first interpolation coefficients to generate first corrected pixel values for pixels of the color in a first corrected version of the raw image. The FDS-C circuit further performs interpolation of pixel values of a second subset of the pixels in the first corrected version using second interpolation coefficients to generate second corrected pixel values for pixels of the color in a second corrected version of the raw image. Pixels in the first subset are arranged in a first direction, pixels in the second subset are arranged in a second direction, and the down sampling scale factors vary along the first direction.

Electrically powered vehicle
Patent number: 11400832
Assignee: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha (Toyota, JP)
Inventors: Toru Nakamura (Toyota, JP), Tadatsugu Udono (Toyota, JP), Chiaki Kanda (Nagoya, JP)

An electrically powered vehicle includes a target battery that is externally chargeable and externally power feedable, a sensor that detects a temperature of the target battery, and a controller that performs charging control, discharging control, and temperature increase control of the target battery. The temperature increase control is control for increasing a temperature of the target battery by selecting any of external electric power and battery power and generating heat with the selected electric power. The controller receives a leveling signal that requests for power leveling. When the temperature of the target battery is lower than a first temperature during external power feed requested by the leveling signal, the controller performs the temperature increase control by using battery power before the external power feed requested by the leveling signal.

Clamp and wire harness
Patent number: 11400873
Assignee: Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd. (Mie, JP), Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha (Toyota, JP)
Inventors: Masahiro Fuchigami (Yokkaichi, JP), Kazuma Ogino (Yokkaichi, JP), Yusuke Noda (Toyota, JP)

A clamp and wire harness that allow for position adjustment with respect to an object of installation; wherein the clamp holds a tubular member accommodating an electric wire and is fixed to an object of installation. The clamp includes a clamp body, which holds the tubular member, and a core block, which is separate from the clamp body. The clamp body includes a through-hole, which accommodates the core block, inner surfaces opposed to the core block in the through-hole, and a bottom surface. The core block includes a body portion accommodated in the through-hole, a coupling portion to be coupled to the object of installation, and a protrusion that protrudes in a direction orthogonal to a central axis O of the through-hole. The protrusion is opposed to the bottom surface. The body portion is configured to be separated from one of the inner surfaces when contacting the other inner surface.

Coaxial connectors for board-to-board interconnection
Patent number: 11387611
Assignee: CommScope Technologies LLC (Hickory, NC, US)
Inventors: David J. Smentek (Lockport, IL, US), Troy I. Vanderhoof (Prosper, TX, US), Amit KAISTHA (Coppell, TX, US), Thomas G. Sheehe (Allen, TX, US)

An assembly includes: first and second printed circuit boards (PCBs), the PCBs being disposed generally parallel to each other; a first coaxial connector mounted to the first PCB, the first coaxial connector comprising a first inner contact and a first outer connector body, the first outer connector body having a first thickness; and a second coaxial connector mounted to the second PCB, the second axial connector comprising a second inner contact and a second outer connector body. The second outer connector body includes an engagement surface, the engagement surface being flexible in a direction normal to the second PCB, the engagement surface having a second thickness that is greater than the first thickness.

Display device
Patent number: 11404605
Assignee: Innolux Corporation (Miao-Li County, TW)
Inventors: Hsiao-Lang Lin (Miao-Li County, TW), Tsung-Han TSAI (Miao-Li County, TW)

A display device is disclosed and includes a substrate, a first insulating layer, a light emitting element, and a light conversion element. The first insulating layer is disposed on the substrate, and the first insulating layer includes at least one opening and a side surface surrounding the at least one opening. The light emitting element is disposed in the at least one opening, the light emitting element includes a first electrode, a light emitting layer disposed on the first electrode, and a second electrode disposed on the light emitting layer, and the first electrode includes a side portion located on the side surface. The light conversion element is disposed on the light emitting element. A height of a top of the side portion of the first electrode is greater than a height of a bottom of the light conversion element.

Patent number: 20220242852
Inventors: Shankar Venkatraman (Lansdale, PA), Jason Katz (Newton, MA), William R. Roush (Boston, MA, US), Hans Martin Seidel (Concord, MA)

This disclosure features chemical entities (e.g., a compound or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, and/or hydrate, and/or cocrystal, and/or drug combination of the compound) that inhibit (e.g., antagonize) Stimulator of Interferon Genes (STING). Said chemical entities are useful, e.g., for treating a condition, disease or disorder in which increased (e.g., excessive) STING activation (e.g., STING signaling) contributes to the pathology and/or symptoms and/or progression of the condition, disease or disorder (e.g., cancer) in a subject (e.g., a human). This disclosure also features compositions containing the same as well as methods of using and making the same.

Automated information lifecycle management of indexes
Patent number: 11379410
Assignee: Oracle International Corporation (Redwood Shores, CA)
Inventors: Kamaljit Shergill (Maidenhead, GB), Hariharan Lakshmanan (Redwood City, CA, US), Viral Shah (Redwood City, CA, US), Shasank Kisan Chavan (Menlo Park, CA)

Techniques are provided for a DBMS automating ILM on indexes, based on index composition, to efficiently reduce index storage footprints. According to an embodiment, a user sets an index-specific ILM (ISILM) policy, which comprises one or both of an index-test requirement and a time requirement. Based on the ISILM policy being met, or on some other way of initiating analysis, the DBMS automatically analyzes the data blocks storing the index to determine an index condition metric (e.g., percentage of free space). This analysis is performed on a sample of data blocks storing the index without blocking the index from other operations during the analysis. The condition metric for the entire index is estimated based on analysis of the sample data blocks. Using the determined condition metric for an index, the DBMS automatically selects an option for optimally managing the index (e.g., coalesce, shrink space, index rebuild, no action, etc.).

(trifluoromethyl)pyrimidine-2-amine compounds
Patent number: 11414389
Assignee: Eli Lilly And Company (Indianapolis, IN)
Inventors: Daryl Lynn Smith (Fishers, IN), Leonard Larry Winneroski, Jr. (Greenwood, IN)

The present invention provides a compound of Formula I: ##STR00001## wherein R.sup.1 is hydrogen or methyl; and R.sup.2 is: ##STR00002## or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, useful for treating pain, including chronic pain, chronic lower back pain, diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain, and osteoarthritis pain.

Full-bridge resonant conversion circuit
Patent number: 11387742
Inventors: Chih-Sheng CHANG (Taipei, TW)

A full-bridge resonant conversion circuit comprises a full-bridge rectification unit, a resonant unit, a first transformer, a second transformer and a synchronous rectification unit, wherein the full-bridge rectification unit comprises a first connection end and a second connection end, the resonant unit comprises a first resonant inductor, a resonant capacitor and a second resonant inductor, the resonant capacitor is connected in series with the first resonant inductor or the second resonant inductor. The first transformer comprises a first primary winding connected in series with the first resonant inductor, and a first secondary winding. Also, the second transformer comprises a second primary winding connected in series with the first primary winding and connected with the second resonant inductor, and a second secondary winding connected in parallel with the first secondary winding, and the synchronous rectification unit is connected with the first secondary winding and the second secondary winding.

Patent number: 20220247372
Assignee: Cirrus Logic International Semiconductor Ltd. (Edinburgh, GB)
Inventors: Wei XU (Austin, TX, US), Ravi Kummaraguntla (Austin, TX, US), Paul WILSON (Linlithgow, GB), Mujo Kozak (Austin, TX, US), Christian LARSEN (Austin, TX, US), John L. Melanson (Austin, TX), Yongjie CHENG (Austin, TX, US)

A system may include a front end differential amplifier having two input terminals, two input resistors, each of the two input resistors coupled to a respective one of the two input terminals, and an input common mode biasing circuit for an output stage of the front end differential amplifier, the input common mode biasing circuit comprising two current sources configured to generate currents for biasing the output stage of the front end differential amplifier.

Noise muffler for an air moving device
Patent number: 11415032
Assignee: Rheem Manufacturing Company (Atlanta, GA)
Inventors: Sina Jasteh (Montgomery, AL, US), William Simard (West Sand Lake, NY, US)

A noise muffler for an air moving device can include a housing with a housing inlet, a housing outlet, and at least a first foam component and a second foam component. The first foam component and the second foam component are placed within a cavity of the housing and define an air passageway. The first foam component and the second foam component redirect air flow through the cavity in three dimensions in order to muffle noise generated by the air moving device.

Anisotropic carrier for high aspect ratio fanout
Patent number: 11393701
Assignee: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd. (Hsinchu, TW)
Inventors: Chen-Hua Yu (Hsinchu, TW), Chien Ling Hwang (Hsinchu, TW)

A method includes coating a release film over a carrier. The carrier includes a first material having a first Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE), and a second material having a second CTE different from the first CTE. The method further includes placing a device die over the release film, encapsulating the device die in an encapsulant, and planarizing the encapsulant until the device die is revealed.

Determining validity of multipart branching literate programs
Patent number: 11416222
Assignee: Red Hat, Inc. (Raleigh, NC)
Inventors: William Benton (Madison, WI, US), Sophie Watson (Toronto, CA)

Implementations for verifying validity of a literate programming document are described. An example method may include accessing a first module of a plurality of modules of a literate programming document, wherein the plurality of modules are organized as a directed graph, identifying a first contract associated with the first module, wherein the first contract specifies a first set of input criteria to be satisfied by one or more first input provided to the first module and a first set of output criteria to be satisfied by one or more first output generated by the first module, and determining whether the one or more first output satisfies the first set of output criteria when the one or more first input satisfies the first set of input criteria.

Patent number: 20220206067
Inventors: Jerry E. Stevens (Greenwood, IN, US), Hao Zhu (Freising, DE), Marcel Braun (Inzlingen, DE)

A method for testing a device under test, the device under test being a measuring instrument to measure a physical parameter of a fluid, includes: performing a plurality of valid test runs, wherein a valid test run includes: exposing the device under test and a reference measuring instrument to the fluid under a set of influences, the set of influences being defined by influence parameters; monitoring the influence parameters; obtaining a reference value for the physical parameter from the reference measuring instrument; and obtaining a test value for the physical parameter from the device under test, wherein a test run is invalidated if influence parameters do not meet specified test requirements for the influence parameters; and then evaluating a plurality of test values originating from the plurality of valid test runs with respect to at least one of accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility.

Patent number: 20220256481
Inventors: Shukun WANG (Dongguan, CN), Jinqiang Xing (Dongguan, CN), Cong SHI (Dongguan, CN)

Implementations of the present disclosure provide a method and apparatus for reporting power reduction information, a terminal device and a network device. The method includes: a terminal device sending a first media access control control element (MAC CE) to a network device, the first MAC CE including power management-maximum power reduction (P-MPR) information of at least one carrier.

Patent number: 20220224698
Inventors: Sean Homan (Singapore, SG), Andrian Santoso (Singapore, SG), Pavan Kumar Pasunuri (Singapore, SG)

A method, performed by at least one processor, comprising generating a first set of images representative of configuration data associated with an industrial automation system. An electronic display may display at least one image of the first set of images. The processor may detect a change in the configuration data and retrieve updated configuration data from the industrial automation system. The processor may encode the updated configuration data into a second set of images and display at least one additional image of the second set of images on the electronic display.

Group-based communication system and apparatus configured to render suggested graphical objects
Patent number: 11392272
Assignee: Slack Technologies, LLC (San Francisco, CA, US)
Inventors: Jeremy Apthorp (San Francisco, CA, US), Devin Foley (San Francisco, CA, US), Matthew Crocker (San Francisco, CA, US)

Various embodiments of the present invention are directed to an improved group-based communication apparatus that is configured to render suggested graphical objects within a group-based communication interface. The group-based communication apparatus is configured to determine a ranking for a group-defined graphical object set based a user identifier. In response to receiving graphical object interface requests or messaging communication provision requests, the group-based apparatus is configured to determine at least one suggested graphical object based on the ranking and cause rendering of the at least one graphical object to a graphical object selection interface.

Patent number: 20220245884
Inventors: Hector Medina (Laguna Beach, CA, US), David Cole (Aliso Viejo, CA, US), Alan Moss (Laguna Beach, CA, US)

A background image is also generated, e.g., by filling portions of a captured image where a foreground object was extracted and communicated to the playback device, Foreground objects are identified and point cloud representations of the foreground objects are generated and communicated to a playback device so that they can be used in generating images including the background which is communicated separately. In the case of a point cloud representation a number of points in an environment, e.g., 3D space, are communicated to the playback device along with color information. Thus in some embodiments a foreground object is represented as a set of points with corresponding color information on a per point basis. Foreground object information is communicated and processed in some embodiments at a different rate, e.g., faster rate, then the background textures. The playback device renders images which are sent to the display by first rendering a background layer using the communicated background information, e.g., background texture(s), UV map and environmental geometry, e.g., mesh, to which the background textures are applied.

System and method for monitoring an access key from a key box
Patent number: 11384565
Assignee: Carrier Corporation (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
Inventors: Adam Kuenzi (Silverton, OR, US), Pirammanayagam Nallaperumal (Telangana, IN), Neeraja Kanteti (Telangana, IN)

Disclosed is a system for monitoring a location of a key relative to a keybox, configured to perform: (i) providing access to the key by: communicating over a personal area network with a first mobile-device for the first user as the first user approaches the keybox in an attempt to obtain the key, obtaining first credentials from the first mobile-device, determining whether the first credentials are valid or invalid, when the first credentials are valid: putting the keybox in an unlocked configuration, (ii) tracking a location of the key by: communicating over the personal area network with: the key and/or mobile-device to determine whether the key is being returned to the keybox, wherein upon a determination by the keybox or the mobile-device that the key is not being returned, an alert is provided by the mobile-device to the first user.

Differentiating between near trailer and connected trailer
Patent number: 11390294
Assignee: Ford Global Technologies, Llc (Dearborn, MI)
Inventors: Luke Niewiadomski (Dearborn, MI, US), Bruno Sielly Jales Costa (Santa Clara, CA, US), Nikhil Nagraj Rao (Cupertino, CA, US), Douglas J. Rogan (Mountain View, CA, US)

A system for assisting in aligning a vehicle for hitching with a trailer includes a steering system that adjusts a steering angle of the vehicle, a braking system that adjusts a speed of the vehicle, an imaging system that receives image data of a trailer disposed in an area proximate the vehicle, and a controller. The controller detects, within a threshold distance defined from a stationary point on the vehicle and the trailer, a position of a coupler from the image data, and, responsive to the position being less than the threshold distance, a status of the trailer based on the image data being indicative of a position of a hitch ball relative to the coupler within a second threshold. The controller maneuvers, via the steering and braking systems, the vehicle based on the status.

Birthday attack prevention system based on multiple hash digests to avoid collisions
Patent number: 11411743
Inventors: Tyson York Winarski (Mountain View, CA, US)

The present specification discloses systems, methods, and a computer tangible medium storing instructions for a collision resistant process for thwarting birthday attacks. A birthday attack is a type of cryptographic attack that exploits mathematical collisions that result when different messages are hashed by a hash algorithm, but produce the same hash digest, which can render computer security systems vulnerable to hacking. By hashing files in different orders with the same hash algorithm, the systems, methods, and mediums disclosed herein can distinguish between identical files and different files that produce a collision when hashed in one order as the collision is not replicated when those different files are hashed in a different order as they are when the files are the same.