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Patent Abstract
Lightweight machine gun receiver and method of manufacturing
Patent number: 11578934
Assignee: TECHNOLOGY AND LOGISTICS, INC. (Fort Lauderdale, FL, US)
Inventors: Michael Pachelli (Fort Lauderdale, FL, US), Bryan M. Florescue (Pompano Beach, FL, US)

A receiver for use in the manufacture of a lightweight and strong machine-gun comprising a left shell that includes a milled, single-piece metal flat body of a predefined peripheral shape that is substantially rectangular, and a right shell including a milled, single-piece metal flat body, including said right shell formed in size and shape to be joined together symmetrically with said left shell, to form a compartment, said left shell and said right shell including the same size and shape dovetail interlocking joints, milled in said left shell and said right shell at the same locations, said left shell joined to said right shell solely by dovetail fasteners, without welding, without rivets, and without nuts and bolts, forming a rigid, strong, lightweight machine-gun receiver. First and second takedown pins are also used to fasten the left shell to the right shell after the left and right shells have been interlocked together by the dovetail interlocking joints to prevent vertical movement between the left shell and the right shell.

Process for the preparation of a stable beverage
Patent number: 11578292
Assignee: Dsm IP Assets B.V. (Heerlen, NL)
Inventors: Loes Elizabeth Bevers (Echt, NL), Johanna Henrica Gerdina Maria Mutsaers (Echt, NL)

The present invention relates to a process for reducing haze in a beverage comprising adding a protein arginine deiminase and a proline-specific endoprotease during preparation of the beverage. The invention further relates to a wort or beer comprising a protein arginine deiminase and a proline-specific endoprotease.

Method and system for providing an improved fitting for a flexible fuel cell
Patent number: 11581550
Inventors: Matthew Whipple (Tempe, AZ, US)

A method and system provide a fitting system for a flexible fuel cell of an aircraft. The fitting system may include a flexible fuel cell and a fitting. The fitting may have a peripheral flange with a series of slots spaced about the flange. A series of fabric strips may be threaded into the slots of the fitting and one or more adhesives may couple the fabric strips to the fuel cell. The fabric strips may extend out around the periphery of the fitting to provide a uniform contact surface area with the fuel cell. The fabric strips may be separated by fuel cell material. The fabric strips may be made from one or more materials for enclosing or holding fuel. The fitting may further include threaded holes wherein the threaded holes may receive fasteners to couple the fitting to the fuel equipment of an aircraft.

External element or timepiece dial made of non-conductive material
Patent number: 11577544
Assignee: Rubattel & Weyermann S.A. (La Chaux-de-Fonds, CH)
Inventors: Mehdy Larriere (Villers-le-Lac, FR), Benjamin Tixier (Neuchatel, CH)

A method for fabricating an external element or a timepiece dial from non-conductive material, by performing or repeating a basic cycle of making a base from a non-conductive, or ceramic, or glass. or sapphire substrate; dry coating the base with a first sacrificial protective metal layer; etching a decoration with an ultrashort pulse laser to a depth at least equal to the local thickness of the first layer; dry coating the decoration and the remaining part of the first layer with a second metal and/or coloured decorative treatment layer; chemically removing each first layer; and before or after chemical removal of each first layer, mechanically levelling on the upper level of the base the compound thus formed.

Lead-free solder paste as thermal interface material
Patent number: 11581239
Inventors: Ning-Cheng Lee (New Hartford, NY, US), Runsheng Mao (Clinton, NY, US), Sihai Chen (New Hartford, NY, US), Elaina Zito (Utica, NY, US), David Bedner (New Hartford, NY, US)

Some implementations of the disclosure are directed to a thermal interface material. In some implementations, a method comprises: applying a solder paste between a surface of a heat generating device and a surface of a heat transferring device to form an assembly; and reflow soldering the assembly to form a solder composite, wherein the solder composite provides a thermal interface between the heat generating device and the heat transferring device, wherein the solder paste comprises: a solder powder; particles having a higher melting temperature than a soldering temperature of the solder paste, wherein the solder paste has a volume ratio of solder powder to high melting temperature particles between 5:1 and 1:1.5; and flux.

Tracking specialized concepts, topics, and activities in conversations
Patent number: 11580961
Assignee: Rammer Technologies, Inc. (Seattle, WA, US)
Inventors: Toshish Arun Jawale (Seattle, WA, US), Anthony Claudia (Boulder, CO, US), Surbhi Rathore (Seattle, WA, US)

Embodiments are directed to organizing conversation information. A tracker vocabulary may be provided to a universal model to predict a generalized vocabulary associated with the tracker vocabulary. A tracker model may be generated based on the portions of the universal model activated by the tracker vocabulary such that a remainder of the universal model may be excluded from the tracker model. Portions of a conversation stream may be provided to the tracker model. A match score may be generated based on the track model and the portions of the conversation stream such that the match score predicts if the portions of the conversation stream may be in the generalized vocabulary predicted for the tracker vocabulary. Tracker metrics may be collected based on the portions of the conversation and the match scores such that the tracker metrics may be included in reports or notifications.

Surfactant composition
Patent number: 11578028
Inventors: Masatake Joyabu (Kyoto, JP), Kei Shiohara (Kyoto, JP), Asako Ogasawara (Kyoto, JP), Takuro Kimura (Kyoto, JP), Chi Tao (Kyoto, JP)

The polymerization stability and the chemical stability and the water resistance of resin films are improved. A surfactant composition according to an embodiment contains a surfactant (A) represented by general formula (1) and an anionic surfactant (B) having a hydrophobic group different from that of the surfactant (A). In the formula, R.sup.1 represents one or two groups selected from groups below, D.sup.1 represents a polymerizable unsaturated group represented by chemical formula D.sup.1-1 or D.sup.1-2 below, R.sup.2 represents a hydrogen atom or a methyl group, m1 and m2 represent 1 to 2, A.sup.1 represents an alkylene group with 2 to 4 carbon atoms, and m3 represents 1 to 100. ##STR00001##

Dual sided aircraft light assembly
Patent number: 11577856
Assignee: Honeywell International Inc. (Charlotte, NC)
Inventors: Raghavendra Nagappa (Bangalore, IN), Indrajit Boiragi (Bangalore, IN)

A dual sided aircraft light assembly includes a mount structure, a plurality of first light emitters, a plurality of first optics, a plurality of second light emitters, and a plurality of second optics. The first light emitters are disposed such that, upon being energized, each emits light in a first direction that is at an acute angle relative to a reference line that extends in a reference direction. The first optics are configured to focus the light emitted from the first light emitters into a first light beam directed in the first direction. The second light emitters are disposed such that, upon being energized, each emits light in a second direction that is at an obtuse angle relative to the reference line and reference direction. The second optics focus the light emitted from the second light emitters into a second light beam directed in the second direction.

Fractal analysis of left atrium to predict atrial fibrillation recurrence
Patent number: 11576640
Assignee: Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH), The Cleveland Clinic Foundation (Cleveland, OH)
Inventors: Anant Madabhushi (Shaker Heighls, OH, US), Marjan Firouznia (Cleveland Heights, OH, US), Mina K. Chung (Shaker Heights, OH, US), Albert Feeny (Cleveland Heights, OH, US)

Embodiments discussed herein facilitate determination of risk of recurrence of atrial fibrillation (AF) after ablation based on fractal features. One example embodiment is configured to generate a binary mask of at least a portion of a CT scan of a heart of a patient with AF; compute one or more radiomic fractal-based features from at least one of the binary mask or the portion of the CT scan; provide the one or more radiomic fractal-based features to a trained machine learning (ML) classifier; and receive a prediction from the trained ML classifier of whether or not the AF will recur after AF ablation, wherein the prediction is based at least in part on the one or more radiomic fractal-based features.

Sessions and groups
Patent number: 11581081
Assignee: Nike, Inc. (Beaverton, OR)
Inventors: Kristen L. White (Portland, OR, US), Michael L. Orenstein (Portland, OR, US), Jenny Campbell (Beaverton, OR, US), Christina S. Self (Portland, OR), Elizabeth Walker (Portland, OR, US)

Athletic activity may be tracked while providing encouragement to perform athletic activity. For example, energy expenditure values and energy expenditure intensity values may be calculated and associated with a duration and type of activity performed by an individual. These values and other movement data may be displayed on an interface in a manner to motivate the individual and maintain the individual's interest. The interface may track one or more discrete “sessions”. The sessions may be associated with energy expenditure values during a duration that is within a second duration, such as a day, that is also tracked with respect to variables, such as energy expenditure. Other individuals (e.g., friends) may also be displayed on an interface through which a user's progress is tracked. This may allow the user to also view the other individuals' progress toward completing an activity goal and/or challenge.

Solenoid adapter
Patent number: 11578812
Assignee: Rain Bird Corporation (Azusa, CA)
Inventors: Douglas Scott Busch (Tucson, AZ, US), Peter Smith (Tucson, AZ, US), Leonard Francisco Challenger (Tucson, AZ, US), Riccardo Tresso (Oro Valley, AZ, US), Gokhan Aydar (Tucson, AZ, US)

An adapter is provided for a solenoid of a valve. The adapter provides a radial seal and enables manually bleeding by rotating the solenoid. The adapter includes two primary components with a one-way locking engagement between them that can be manually reversed for service of the adapter and the solenoid.

Augmented reality object manipulation
Patent number: 11580700
Assignee: Snap Inc. (Santa Monica, CA)
Inventors: Ozi Egri (Yassur, IL), David Ben Ezra (Bet Shearim, IL), Andrew James McPhee (Culver City, CA, US), Qi Pan (London, GB), Eyal Zak (Megiddo, IL)

Among other things, embodiments of the present disclosure improve the functionality of computer imaging software and systems by facilitating the manipulation of virtual content displayed in conjunction with images of real-world objects and environments. Embodiments of the present disclosure allow different virtual objects to be moved onto different physical surfaces, as well as manipulated in other ways.

Modular survival canvas for outdoor shelter
Patent number: 11578500
Inventors: Brett Weatherman (Windsor, CA)

A modular recreational and/or survival canvases are disclosed. Each canvas may be used alone or in combination with other canvases to provide shelter. Each canvas includes a base substrate including a plurality of fastener, a plurality of sleeves, and an outer fringe. In a refinement, the canvas may be of a shape such as a hexagon with alternating fasteners along its perimeter such that it may cooperate with one or more other modular canvases to form larger shelters. In one or more embodiments, the canvases may be combined with a construction block and one or more stakes.

Lighting systems and devices with central silicone module
Patent number: 11578857
Assignee: KORRUS, INC. (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Inventors: Itzik Aviram (Shedema, IL), Ariel Meir (Brooklyn, NY, US), Noam Meir (Herzliya, IL)

Lighting systems that include an LED and a silicone module designed to contain a lens are described herein.

Beneficial applications of UVA1 light
Patent number: 11582851
Inventors: Zdenko Grajcar (Orono, MN, US), Aaron Stephan (Chanhassen, MN, US)

A light engine that produces UVA1 light, but not UVA2 or UVB radiation, that will provide a human or animal subject a beneficial application of artificial UVA1 light without the deleterious effect of the UVA2 and UVB light. Methods of providing UVA1 light to the human or animal subject over various periods of time provide positive treatments that can reduce stress, reduce anxiety, increase a pain threshold, and induce interferon production. Exposure to UVA1 wavelength light (360-400 nm) provides a positive effect on both humans and animals. This is especially true when the humans or animals do not receive UVB and UVA2 at the time that the UVA1 light is received, and the ratio of UVA1 light to (UVA1 light+visible light) is greater than 10%.

Data acquisition system with novel features
Patent number: 11576577
Assignee: Cleveland Medical Devices Inc. (Cleveland, OH, US)
Inventors: Hani Kayyali (Shaker Heights, OH, US), Craig A Frederick (Solon, OH, US), Daniel Bishop (Tallmadge, OH, US), Robert N Schmidt (Ft. Myers, FL, US), Brian M Kolkowski (Leroy, OH, US)

The present invention provides for a data acquisition system for EEG and other physiological conditions, preferably wireless, and method of using such system. The wireless EEG system can be used in a number of applications including both studies and clinical work. These include both clinical and research sleep studies, alertness studies, emergency brain monitoring, and any other tests or studies where a subject's or patient's EEG reading is required or helpful. This system includes a number of features, which enhance this system over other systems presently in the marketplace. These features include but are not limited to the having multiple channels for looking at a number of physiological features of the subject or patient, a built in accelerometer for looking at a subject's or patient's body motion, a removable memory for data buffering and storage, capability of operating below 2.0 GHz, which among other things allows for more channels, movement artifact correction including video, pressure sensors capable of measuring or determining airflow, tidal volume and ventilation rate, and capability of manual and automatic RF sweep.

Blueberry plant named ‘C15-143’
Patent number: PP034977
Assignee: COSTA BERRY INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD (Revenhall, AU), Florida Foundation Seed Producers, Inc. (Marianna, FL)
Inventors: Jessica Scalzo (Corindi Beach, AU), James W. Olmstead (Aptos, CA, US)

The new blueberry plant variety ‘C15-143’ is provided. ‘C15-143’ is a commercial variety intended for the fresh market. The variety is produced from a cross of unpatented parents ‘FL12-082’ and ‘FL12-069’.

Fire protection sprinkler with a push-in connection
Patent number: 11578827
Assignee: The Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co. Inc. (Liberty, SC, US)
Inventors: Steven D. Wolin (Liberty, SC, US), George S. Polan (Liberty, SC, US)

A sprinkler with a push-in connection includes a sprinkler frame, an operating element, and a sealing cap. The sprinkler also includes one or more sealing gaskets and a retainer. Each such sealing gasket is located at least partially within a groove in the sprinkler frame. The retainer is also at least partially located within a groove in the sprinkler frame. The retainer connects to the internal bore of a welded outlet or a mechanical outlet when the sprinkler is installed in the outlet. The one or more gaskets seal against the internal bore of a welded outlet or a mechanical outlet when the sprinkler is installed in the outlet. The retainer is a spring mechanism so that the diameter of the retainer is reduced when the sprinkler is inserted into the internal bore of the outlet, and the retainer maintains pressure against the outlet internal bore.

Chip-scale Lidar with enhanced range performance
Patent number: 11579303
Assignee: Gm Global Technology Operations Llc (Detroit, MI)
Inventors: Keyvan Sayyah (Santa Monica, CA, US), Oleg Efimov (Thousand Oaks, CA, US), Biqin Huang (Torrance, CA, US), Raymond Sarkissian (Studio City, CA, US), James H. Schaffner (Chatsworth, CA, US), David Hammon (Simi Valley, CA, US), Richard Kremer (Calabasas, CA, US), Timothy J. Talty (Beverly Hills, MI), Michael Mulqueen (Malibu, CA, US), Pamela R. Patterson (Los Angeles, CA, US)

A vehicle, Lidar system and method of detecting an object is disclosed. The Lidar system includes a photonic chip, and a laser integrated into the photonic chip. The laser has a front facet located at a first aperture of the photonic chip to direct a transmitted light beam into free space. A reflected light beam that is a reflection of the transmitted light beam is received at the photonic chip and a parameter of the object is determined from a comparison of the transmitted light beam and the reflected light beam. A navigation system operates the vehicle with respect to the object based on a parameter of the object.

Combination comprising immunostimulatory oligonucleotides
Patent number: 11578331
Assignee: Gilead Sciences, Inc. (Foster City, CA)
Inventors: Matthias Schroff (Berlin, DE), Manuel Schmidt (Berlin, DE), Kerstin Kapp (Berlin, DE), Alfredo Zurlo (Berlin, DE)

The invention relates to a combination and its use for the treatment of diseases. The instant disclosure provides a combination of a so-called T-cell regulator selected from the group comprising PD1, PD-L1, OX40, TIM-3, LAG3, CD137(4-1BB) and a non-coding immunomodulating DNA.

Portable pressure swing adsorption method and system for fuel gas conditioning
Patent number: 11577191
Assignee: Coldstream Energy IP, LLC (Dallas, TX, US)
Inventors: Jason G. S. Ho (Houston, TX, US), Gerald Bowen Gump (Allen, TX, US), Pedro T. Santos (Houston, TX, US), Xuepei Yuan (Humble, TX, US)

A portable pressure swing adsorption method and system for fuel gas conditioning. A fuel gas conditioning system includes a pressure swing adsorption (PSA) system fluidly coupled to a rich gas stream, the PSA system including a plurality of adsorbent beds and configured to condition the rich natural gas stream and produce therefrom a high-quality fuel gas and gaseous separated heavier hydrocarbons, a product end of the adsorbent beds fluidly coupled to a fuel gas line, wherein the high-quality fuel gas is discharged from the product end and supplied to the fuel gas line, and a feed end of the adsorbent beds configured to be fluidly coupled to the rich natural gas stream or a raw natural gas stream, wherein the produced gaseous separated heavier hydrocarbons are recirculated into the rich natural gas stream or the raw natural gas stream.

Display for pump
Patent number: 11580918
Assignee: Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc. (San Diego, CA)
Inventors: Michael L. Blomquist (Blaine, MN), Timothy B. Bresina (Shoreview, MN, US), Gail Beth Bynum (Brooklyn Park, MN, US), Michael D. Welsch (Stillwater, MN, US)

This document discusses, among other things, an apparatus comprising a pump configured to deliver insulin, a processor, and a user interface including a bistable display. A display element of the bistable display is placed in one of two stable orientations upon application of a biasing voltage and stays in the stable orientation when the biasing voltage is removed. The processor includes a display module configured to display a non-blank reversion display screen on the bistable display when no input is received at the user interface after a specified time duration, and to recurrently change the reversion display screen until input is received at the user interface.

Integrated process for production of glycerol carbonate (4-hydroxymethyl-2-oxo-1, 3-dioxolane) and urea
Patent number: 11578034
Assignee: Sabic Global Technologies B.V. (Bergen Op Zoom, NL)
Inventors: Mohammed Bismillah Ansari (Riyadh, SA), Vijay Dinkar BODAS (Riyadh, SA), Guillermo Leal (Riyadh, SA)

Systems and methods for integrated glycerol carbonate and/or urea production. This disclosure pertains to development of a process for production of glycerol carbonate and/or urea from ammonia, carbon dioxide and glycerol. The process integrates glycerol carbonate production into a urea production process. The urea produced in the production facility may be used to produce glycerol carbonate by reacting urea with glycerol. The ammonia generated by glycerol carbonate production may be recycled back to urea production. Unreacted urea from the glycerol carbonate production may be separated and recycled to the urea product stream. The systems and methods can reduce the cost for urea production and increase product value of the excessive glycerol produced from other chemical plants.

Connectors for use in high pressure coax core ejection and fiber optic cable injection
Patent number: 11581667
Assignee: PPC BROADBAND, INC. (East Syracuse, NY, US)
Inventors: Eric Purdy (Constantia, NY, US), Richard Maroney (Camillus, NY, US)

A connector includes a first connector body having a through hole configured to receive a conduit, a first washer disposed in the first connector body, the first washer being configured to permit the conduit to be pushed in a first direction through the through hole while resisting movement of the conduit in a second direction opposite to the first direction, a second connector body configured to be coupled to the first connector body, the second connector body having a through hole configured to receive a tubular member, and a second washer disposed in the second connector body, the second washer being configured to permit the tubular member to be pushed in the second direction through the through hole of the second connector body and into the second connector body while resisting movement of the tubular member in the first direction.

Inhibiting mutant IDH-1
Patent number: 11576906
Assignee: Forma Therapeutics, Inc. (Watertown, MA)
Inventors: Patrick F. Kelly (Concord, MA), Alan Collis (Lexington, MA), Jeff Davis (Hingham, MA), Duncan Walker (Boulder, CO), Susan Ashwell (Carlisle, MA), Blythe Thomson (Newton, MA, US), Wei Lu (Newton, MA)

Methods of treating patients diagnosed with cancer harboring an IDH-1 mutation are provided, including the therapeutic administration of a certain inhibitor of a mutant IDH-1 as a single agent, or in combination with azacitidine (AZA).

System and a method for sound recognition
Patent number: 11581009
Inventors: Alex Boudreau (Sherbrooke, CA), Michel Pearson (Québec, CA), Louis-Alexis Boudreault (Québec, CA), Shean De Montigny-Desautel (Québec, CA)

A method for automatic for sound recognition, comprising a) raw spectrogram generation from a sound signal spectrum; b) wide-band spectrum determination; c) wide-band continuous spectrum determination; d) tonal and time-transient spectrum determination; wide-band continuous spectrogram and tonal and time-transient spectrogram determination; and) spectrogram image generation.

Switch actuator
Patent number: 11578945
Assignee: Milspec Enterprises, LLC (Panorama City, CA, US)
Inventors: Yosef Rosenbaum (Los Angeles, CA, US)

Disclosed are implementations of a switch actuator that can be attached to a switch device of a weapon mounted light and used, in conjunction with the switch device, to selectively actuate a light emitter of the weapon mounted light. An example switch actuator comprises: a base configured for attachment to the switch device; an actuator paddle offset from and positioned above the base; and an actuator arm connecting the actuator paddle to the base. The switch actuator is used to forwardly urge the switch device to place the switch device in a momentary ON position, and rotatably urge the switch device to place the switch device in a constant ON or OFF position.

Component assembly comprising a component and an element having a head part and a collar arranged at one side of the head part as well as manufacturing methods
Patent number: 11578751
Assignee: PROFIL Verbindungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG (Friedrichsdorf, DE)
Inventors: Georg Donhauser (Amberg, DE)

A component assembly is described which consists of a component and an element attached to the component and formed as an alignment element. The element has a head part, a component contact surface provided at an end face of the head part and a collar arranged inside the component contact surface and projecting away from it. The collar has a cross-sectional shape which is non-circular. The collar is inserted with clearance into an aperture of the component formed complimentary to the cross-sectional shape of the collar and has outer surfaces which converge in the direction of the said end face of the head part and with respect to the central longitudinal axis of the element and form an acute angle with the latter. The marginal region of the aperture of the component adjacent to the component contact surface extends into recesses formed between the collar and the end face of the head part but does not reach the base of the recesses, with a free space arising which ensures a lateral alignment movement of the element relative to the component. An axial separation of the element from the component is prevented as a result of material overlap of the component material with the collar within the recesses. Elements and methods for manufacture of the component assembly are also claimed.

Reflective eyepiece optical system and head-mounted near-to-eye display device
Patent number: 11579434
Assignee: Shenzhen NED Optics Co., Ltd (Shenzhen, CN)
Inventors: Huajun PENG (Shenzhen, CN), Hongpeng CAO (Shenzhen, CN), Jianfei GUO (Shenzhen, CN)

The present invention relates to a reflective eyepiece optical system and a head-mounted near-to-eye display apparatus. The system includes: a first lens group, and a first optical element and a second lens group for transmitting and reflecting a light from a miniature image displayer. The second lens group includes an optical reflection surface, and the optical reflection surface is an optical surface farthest from a human eye viewing side in the second lens group. The optical reflection surface is concave to a human eye viewing direction. The first optical element reflects the light refracted by the first lens group to the second lens group, and then transmits the light refracted, reflected, and refracted by the second lens group to the human eyes.

Web page spectroscopy
Patent number: 11582254
Assignee: AT&T Intellectual Property I, L.P. (Atlanta, GA, US)
Inventors: Arthur L. Zaifman (Millburn, NJ, US), John Mark Mocenigo (Califon, NJ, US)

Facilitating web page spectroscopy in a communications network is provided herein. A system can comprise a processor and a memory that stores executable instructions that, when executed by the processor, facilitate performance of operations. The operations can comprise receiving first data that describes a first communication packet flow and second data that describes a second communication packet flow. The operations can also comprise training a model based on the first data and the second data, as a result of which the model is trained to detect respective behaviors represented by the first data and the second. Further, the operations can comprise extracting a common parameter from third data that describes a third communication packet flow and fourth data that describes a fourth communication packet flow based on the model.

Machine learning framework with model performance tracking and maintenance
Patent number: 11580330
Assignee: Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc (Redmond, WA)
Inventors: Wenrong Zeng (San Jose, CA, US), Jiaxing Huang (Sunnyvale, CA, US), Juan Wang (Los Altos, CA, US)

Techniques for building a machine learning framework with tracking, model building and maintenance, and feedback loop are provided. In one technique, a prediction model is generated based on features of multiple entities. For each entity indicated in a first database, multiple feature values are identified, which include feature values stored in the first database and feature values based on sub-entity data regarding individuals associated with the entity. The feature values are input into the prediction model to generate a score for the entity. Based on the score, a determination is made whether to add, to a second database, a record for that entity. The second database is analyzed to identify other entities. For each such entity, a determination is made whether to generate a training instance; if so, a training instance is generated and added to training data, which is used to generate another prediction model.

Abnormal grain growth suppression in Al alloys
Patent number: 11578395
Inventors: Stephen J. Hales (Poquoson, VA, US), Harold D Claytor (Newport News, VA, US), Joel A. Alexa (Hampton, VA, US)

The present invention provides a process for suppressing abnormal grain growth in friction stir welded aluminum alloys by inserting an intermediate annealing treatment (“IAT”) after the welding step on the article. The IAT may be followed by a solution heat treatment (SHT) on the article under effectively high solution heat treatment conditions. In at least some embodiments, a deformation step is conducted on the article under effective spin-forming deformation conditions or under effective superplastic deformation conditions. The invention further provides a welded article having suppressed abnormal grain growth, prepared by the process above. Preferably the article is characterized with greater than about 90% reduction in area fraction abnormal grain growth in any friction-stir-welded nugget.

Active self-shaping non-Newtonian fluid based system and method for rapid mold tooling
Patent number: 11577431
Assignee: Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Dhahran, SA)
Inventors: Hassan Almousa (Dhahran, SA), Mohamed Bouhrara (El Jadida, MA)

Systems and methods for rapid mold tooling fabrication using active self-shaping non-Newtonian fluids is provided. The rapid mold fabrication system includes one or more molding units between which molds are formed using compression or injection molding process. Each molding unit includes an array of hydraulic pillars that controllably adjust the position of mold preform layers, and an expandable fluid chamber between the end of the pillars and the preform layer against which a mold is formed. A control system is also provided for controlling the volume of STF within the chamber and for transitioning the STF from a liquid to a solid phase through application of an electrical stimulus. A method is also provided for manufacturing a mold using the system. A method is also provided for measuring the geometric properties of objects using the rapid mold fabrication system.

Method for making injectable pharmaceutical compositions
Patent number: 11576856
Assignee: Amgen Inc. (Thousand Oaks, CA)
Inventors: Andrew Phillip Spasoff (Rockville, MD, US), Susanne Therese Atkinson (Dublin, IE), Adrian Bennis (Dublin, IE), Erwin Freund (Camarillo, CA, US)

The invention relates to methods for making injectable pharmaceutical compositions wherein particles present in the compositions are detected and analyzed, and the acceptance of the compositions is determined based on chemical and physical properties as well as toxicology and patient risks associated of the particles.

Use of N-functionalized alkoxy pyrazole compounds as nitrification inhibitors
Patent number: 11578012
Assignee: Basf Se (Ludwigshafen, DE)
Inventors: Peter Nesvadba (Basel, CH), Allan F. Cunningham (Basel, CH), Shrirang Hindalekar (Mumbai, IN), Barbara Nave (Limburgerhoff, DE), Tejas Pothi (Mumbai, IN), Olof Wallquist (Basel, CH), Alexander Wissemeier (Limburgerhoff, DE)

The present invention relates to the use of novel nitrification inhibitors of formula (I), which are N-functionalized alkoxy pyrazole compounds. Moreover, the invention relates to the use of compounds of formula (I) as nitrification inhibitors, i.e. for reducing nitrification, as well as agrochemical mixtures and compositions comprising the nitrification inhibitors of formula (I).

Interactive and dynamic timeline data merging and management
Patent number: 11580143
Assignee: Resynque, Inc. (Lewes, DE, US)
Inventors: Maritsa C. Nunziata (Allendale, NJ, US), Jeffrey S. Phillips (Poinciana, FL, US), Serena M. Chechile (Uxbride, MA, US), Gina M. Doyle (Uxbride, MA, US)

Techniques for improved data services are provided. Upon receiving a first request from a first client, a first timeline comprising a first plurality of events for an asset indicated in the first request is generated. Upon receiving a second request from a second client, a second timeline comprising a second plurality of events is generated. A first submission for the asset is provided to the first client, comprising updating a first graphical user interface (GUI) output on a first device of the first client. Upon determining that the first client approved the first submission, a merged timeline is generated based on the first and second timelines, where the merged timeline includes the first and second pluralities of events, comprising: updating the first GUI output on the first device, and a second GUI output on a second device of the second client, to indicate the merged timeline.

Determining fencing blade quality using dynamic magnetic field measurements
Patent number: 11577140
Inventors: Lucas Chen (Pasadena, CA, US)

An apparatus may determine the quality of a fencing blade. The apparatus may include an electrical current source; a fencing blade to be tested for quality; two electrical cables, each connected between the electrical current source and the fencing blade so as to cause current from the current source to travel through at least a portion of the fencing blade; and a magnetic field sensor in sufficient proximity to the fencing blade so as to enable the magnetic field sensor to detect a magnetic field generated by the fencing blade when the current passes through the fencing blade.

Systems and methods for protecting against exposure to content violating a content policy
Patent number: 11582243
Assignee: Google Llc (Mountain View, CA)
Inventors: Hongjie Chai (Mountain View, CA, US), Vincent Zanotti (Mountain View, CA, US), Bruce Feldman (Campbell, CA, US), Houman Alborzi (Mountain View, CA, US), Robert Malkin (Pittsburgh, PA, US), Girija Narlikar (Palo Alto, CA, US), Brianna Burr (San Tan Valley, AZ, US), Mark Russell (Allison Park, PA, US)

A method for protecting against exposure to content violating a content policy, the method including receiving a number of content items including a first set of content items associated with a content group, determining a measurement associated with an amount of the first set of content items belonging to a specific content category, assigning one or more of the number of content items to be categorized by at least one of the machine learning algorithm or a manual review process, automatically applying the specific content category to one or more other content items of the content group such that the one or more other content items are not reviewed by the manual review process, and transmitting at least one of the number of content items, wherein the content category of each of the number of content items indicates whether the specific content item violates any content policies.

Virtualized file server smart data ingestion
Patent number: 11579861
Assignee: Nutanix, Inc. (San Jose, CA)
Inventors: Richard James Sharpe (Mountain View, CA, US), Kalpesh Ashok Bafna (Milpitas, CA, US), Shyamsunder Prayagchand Rathi (Sunnyvale, CA, US), Satyajit Sanjeev Deshmukh (Milpitas, CA, US), Durga Mahesh Arikatla (San Jose, CA, US)

In one embodiment, a system for managing a virtualization environment includes a set of host machines, each of which includes a hypervisor, virtual machines, and a virtual machine controller, and a data migration system configured to identify one or more existing storage items stored at one or more existing File Server Virtual Machines (FSVMs) of an existing virtualized file server (VFS). For each of the existing storage items, the data migration system is configured to identify a new FSVMs of a new VFS based on the existing FSVM, send a representation of the storage item from the existing FSVM to the new FSVM, such that representations of storage items are sent between different pairs of FSVMs in parallel, and store a new storage item at the new FSVM, such that the new storage item is based on the representation of the existing storage item received by the new FSVM.

Method for enhanced oil recovery by means of injection of an aqueous polymer composition having monomeric units from an LCST
Patent number: 11578255
Assignee: SPCM SA (Andrezieux Boutheon, FR)
Inventors: Cédrick Favero (Andrezieux Boutheon, FR), Olivier Braun (Andrezieux Boutheon, FR), Thierry Leblanc (Andrezieux Boutheon, FR)

This invention relates to a process of enhanced oil recovery by sweeping an underground formation comprising injecting into the underground formation an injection fluid comprising at least one water-soluble LCST macromonomeric polymer.

Treadmill having sterilizer
Patent number: 11576352
Assignee: Lg Electronics Inc. (Seoul, KR)
Inventors: Hyunsun Yoo (Seoul, KR), Joo-Gyeom Kim (Seoul, KR), Jaehung Chun (Seoul, KR)

A treadmill may include two separate left and right belts rotating around two sets of rollers, four legs having an adjustable height via air suspension to customize an inclination of the treadmill, a thermoelectric assembly, a fragrance assembly having a rotating fragrance cartridge to emit various smells toward a user of the treadmill, a display on which exercise programs are played, and an attachment module having a dispensing tray on which treats are dispensed. A handle of the treadmill may have a sensor to sense a height and front-rear position, and a belt divider provided between the left and right belts may have position or proximity sensors to sense a left-right position. An inclination of the treadmill may be automatically adjusted according to positions detected by the sensors, and the fragrance assembly, attachment module, and inclination may be automatically operated in accordance with an exercise program played on the display.

Apparatus for pari-mutuel racing game with finish order betting
Patent number: 11580814
Assignee: Cfph, Llc (New York, NY)
Inventors: Geoffrey M. Gelman (Brooklyn, NY), Dean P. Alderucci (Westport, CT)

In various embodiments, a device may test the health of race participants in order to ensure the fairness of a bet on an order of finish.

Neuromodulation device and method for treating metabolic disorders
Patent number: 11577080
Assignee: Presidio Medical, Inc. (South San Francisco, CA, US), Faculdade De Ciências Médicas Da Universidade Nova De Lisboa (Lisbon, PT)
Inventors: Silvia Margarida Vilares Santos Conde (Lisbon, PT), Daniel John Chew (Stevenage, GB), Hans Jakob Kristoffer Famm (Stevenage, GB), Maria Pedro Sucena Guarino (Lisbon, PT), Brad Holinski (San Jose, CA, US), Sonal Patel (Stevenage, GB)

The invention refers to a device for inhibiting the neural activity of a carotid sinus nerve (CSN) or carotid body of a subject, the device comprising: one or more transducers configured to apply a signal to the CSN or associated carotid body of the subject, optionally at least two such transducers; and a controller coupled to the one or more transducers, the controller controlling the signal to be applied by the one or more transducers, such that the signal inhibits the neural activity of the CSN or carotid body to produce a physiological response in the subject, wherein the physiological response is one or more of the group consisting of: an increase in insulin sensitivity in the subject, an increase in glucose tolerance in the subject, a decrease in (fasting) plasma glucose concentration in the subject, a reduction in subcutaneous fat content in the subject, and a reduction in obesity in the subject.

Developer collaboration control system
Patent number: 11579866
Assignee: Roblox Corporation (San Mateo, CA)
Inventors: Michael Kryzhanovsky (San Ramon, CA), Tyler Berg (Redwood City, CA)

A method includes providing, to a first client device, a presentation of a first instance of source code. The method further includes receiving, by a server device from the first client device, a selection of a first presentation type from a plurality of presentation types comprising the first presentation type and a second presentation type. The first presentation type specifies first access privileges to first source code changes made by a first user associated with the first client device to the first instance of the source code. The second presentation type specifies second access privileges that are different from the first access privileges of the first presentation type. The method further includes providing, to a second client device, a presentation of a second instance of the source code with the first source code changes in accordance with the first presentation type.

Ceramic electronic component and method of manufacturing the same
Patent number: 11581140
Assignee: Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, JP)
Inventors: Tomoaki Nakamura (Tokyo, JP), Mikio Tahara (Tokyo, JP), Sadanori Shimoda (Tokyo, JP)

A ceramic electronic component includes a multilayer chip having a substantially rectangular parallelepiped shape and including dielectric layers and internal electrode layers that are alternately stacked, the internal electrode layers being alternately exposed to two edge faces of the multilayer chip facing each other, and a pair of external electrodes respectively formed on the two edge faces so as to be connected to the internal electrode layers exposed on the respective edge faces, each external electrode extending to at least one side face of the multilayer chip, wherein in the multilayer chip, oxides including Zn and Ni are present around the internal electrode layer in a vicinity of a connection part connecting the internal electrode layer to the external electrode.

Aesthetic display unit for a vehicle
Patent number: 11577651
Assignee: Motherson Innovations Company Limited (London, GB)
Inventors: Maximilian Kauffmann (Stuttgart, DE)

A method for providing one or more of a rear or a side view of a vehicle includes generating a video stream of images subsequently captured by at least one camera of the vehicle or of a virtual mirror device of the vehicle, processing the generated video stream, and displaying the generated video stream on at least one screen of a display unit of the vehicle or of the virtual mirror device.

Head for an oral-care implement and a kit comprising such head
Patent number: 11576481
Assignee: The Gillette Company Llc (Boston, MA)
Inventors: Uwe Jungnickel (Königstein, DE)

A head for an oral-care implement, having an elongated mounting surface with an outer circumference, includes two outer rows of tufts extending from the mounting surface along the longitudinal axis in proximity to the outer circumference, and two inner rows of tufts extending from the mounting surface and arranged between and parallel to the outer rows. The tufts of the outer rows have a longitudinal extension and an elongated cross-sectional area perpendicular thereto. The elongated cross-sectional area has a longer axis and a shorter axis, wherein the longer axis defines an angle α of about 20-65 degrees relative to the longitudinal axis. The tufts of the outer rows are inclined relative to the mounting surface by an inclination angle (β) of about 65-80 degrees. The tufts of the inner rows are inclined relative to the mounting surface by an inclination angle (γ) of about 60-85 degrees.

Organic compound, an electron transport material and an application thereof
Patent number: 11578088
Assignee: Xiamen Tianma Micro-Electronics Co., Ltd. (Xiamen, CN)
Inventors: Jinghua Niu (Shanghai, CN), Mingzhi Dai (Shanghai, CN), Wei Gao (Shanghai, CN), Xia Li (Shanghai, CN)

The present disclosure provides an organic compound, an electron transport material, and an application thereof. The organic compound has a structure as shown in Formula I. Design of molecular structure and substituents enables it to undergo tridentate coordination or tetradentate coordination with metal, and more stably and firmly combination with metal, so that it has stronger stability and longer working life when used as an electron transport material, which effectively solves a problem of rising drift voltage. The organic compound has greater rigid distortion, which can suppress an increase of intermolecular attraction and prevent it from forming a planar structure to cause excessive intermolecular attraction. The organic compound is used as an electron transport material, and can be applied to an electron transport layer and/or an electron injection layer of an OLED device, which can effectively improve luminous efficiency and working life of the device, and reduce turn-on voltage.

Cooling system for tanks
Patent number: 11581711
Assignee: Eaton Intelligent Power Limited (Dublin, IE)
Inventors: David G. Woolard (Mauldin, SC, US)

A tank assembly has heat-generating equipment contained therein. The tank assembly includes a tank having an opening, and a thermal siphon fixed to the tank and sealing the opening of the tank. The thermal siphon has a main body portion and a loop portion. The thermal siphon contains a liquid and a gas. A center of the loop portion is exposed to the environment.

Composition and method to aid in hormone replacement therapy
Patent number: 11576920
Assignee: The Menopause Method, Inc. (Sarasota, FL, US)
Inventors: Daved Rosensweet (Longboat Key, FL, US), Joshua B. Rosensweet (Longboat Key, FL, US)

A pharmaceutical two-phase admixture for topical application, transdermal or transmucosal, characterized by components in two phases, a liquid and a solid, adapted for topical application, transdermal or transmucosal, to various skin and/or mucosal surface areas of the body is disclosed. The solid phase is comprised of one or more bio-identical hormones and the liquid phase is comprised of one or more excipient carrier oils. The bio-identical hormone component is comprised of one or more of Bi-Est, testosterone, progesterone, and dehydroepiandrosterone. The excipient carrier oil component is comprised of one or more of a wide range of common and rare pharmacological oils including specific formulations of jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, and borage seed oil. The solid phase bio-identical hormone component is comprised of either a standard coarse formulation or a formulation comprised of nanoparticles. The pharmaceutical admixture is especially useful in a regime of hormone replacement therapy.

Multiple optoelectronic devices with thermal compensation
Patent number: 11581700
Assignee: Freedom Photonics LLC (Goleta, CA, US)
Inventors: Gordon Barbour Morrison (Summerland, CA, US), Donald J. Kebort (Santa Barbara, CA, US)

An optical apparatus comprising at least two optoelectronic devices fabricated on the same substrate and in thermal communication with each other. A first optoelectronic device is configured to generate optical signals and provide them to an optical system via an optical output port. A second optoelectronic device is configured to provide heat compensation for the first optoelectronic device. An electrical circuitry provides first electrical signals to the first optoelectronic device and second electrical signals to the second optoelectronic device. The electrical circuitry is configured to adjust at least the second electrical signals to controllably adjust a temperature of the first optoelectronic device.

Reinforcement learning using a relational network for generating data encoding relationships between entities in an environment
Patent number: 11580429
Assignee: DeepMind Technologies Limited (London, GB)
Inventors: Yujia Li (London, GB), Victor Constant Bapst (London, GB), Vinicius Zambaldi (London, GB), David Nunes Raposo (London, GB), Adam Anthony Santoro (London, GB)

A neural network system is proposed, including an input network for extracting, from state data, respective entity data for each a plurality of entities which are present, or at least potentially present, in the environment. The entity data describes the entity. The neural network contains a relational network for parsing this data, which includes one or more attention blocks which may be stacked to perform successive actions on the entity data. The attention blocks each include a respective transform network for each of the entities. The transform network for each entity is able to transform data which the transform network receives for the entity into modified entity data for the entity, based on data for a plurality of the other entities. An output network is arranged to receive data output by the relational network, and use the received data to select a respective action.

Method, device, and storage medium for configuring starting symbol position of uplink data channel
Patent number: 11582779
Assignee: Zte Corporation (Shenzhen, Guangdong, CN)
Inventors: Yijian Chen (Shenzhen, CN), Zhaohua Lu (Shenzhen, CN), Chuangxin Jiang (Shenzhen, CN), YuNgok Li (Shenzhen, CN), Hao Wu (Shenzhen, CN)

Provided are a method, device and storage medium for configuring a starting symbol position of an uplink data channel. The method includes: determining a configuration value of a first type parameter set, where the first type parameter set is a set of uplink data parameters; determining a configuration range of a starting symbol position of an uplink data channel according to the configuration value of the first type parameter set; and selecting a starting symbol position of the uplink data channel from the configuration range of the starting symbol position of the uplink data channel, and notifying a receiving end of the selected starting symbol position of the uplink data channel.

Reconfigurable ladder switched-capacitor converter
Patent number: 11581801
Assignee: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (Kgs. Lyngby, DK)
Inventors: Pere Llimos Muntal (Copenhagen S, DK), Ivan Harald Holder Jorgensen (Birkerød, DK)

A switched-capacitor converter has a first and second terminal; a switched-capacitor ladder network having a plurality of serially connected first capacitors defining a plurality of flying capacitor nodes; a plurality of serially connected second capacitors defining a plurality of output capacitor nodes, wherein nodes of the flying capacitor nodes can be connected to nodes of the output capacitor nodes in a plurality of ladder converter configurations to perform a switched-capacitor ladder power conversion; and a switch matrix to connect the first terminal to different flying capacitor nodes and/or to connect any flying capacitor node to any other flying capacitor node or output capacitor node according to different switch configurations. Also, a switched-capacitor converter assembly may have a plurality of serially and/or parallel connected switched-capacitor reconfigurable switched-capacitor ladder converters. Methods for converting an input into an output voltage using a converter and for operating an assembly of converters are also provided.

Distributed identity system with local identification
Patent number: 11582228
Assignee: ALCLEAR, LLC (New York, NY, US)
Inventors: Rob Wisniewski (New York, NY, US)

A distributed identity system with local identification includes an identity system device and at least one local electronic device. The local electronic device locally stores at least a portion of identity information and the biometric identification information stored by the identity system device. The local electronic device determines identities by comparing received digital representations of biometrics with locally stored biometric identification information, performs actions using locally stored identity information included in the local copy, and uploads data related to the actions to the identity system device upon occurrence of an upload condition.

Device for measuring passing time of runner
Patent number: 11580787
Assignee: YY-FACTORY INC. (Kobe, JP)
Inventors: Yoshiyuki Yanagimoto (Kobe, JP)

To provide a device for measuring a time of passage that is capable of sensing passage of the torso more accurately than a photoelectric cell while maintaining the ease of use of a photoelectric cell, passage of a runner is sensed by causing the upper portion of the body of the runner to be broadly illuminated by infrared light, visible light, and/or other such electromagnetic waves, and by detecting light reflected from large part(s) of the body of the runner.

Method and apparatus for performing random access transmissions
Patent number: 11582808
Assignee: Pantech Wireless, LLC (Cedar Park, TX, US)
Inventors: Benoit Pelletier (Roxboro, CA), Diana Pani (Montreal, CA), Rocco DiGirolamo (Laval, CA), Christopher R. Cave (Dollard-des-Ormeaux, CA), Vincent Roy (Longueuil, CA), Paul Marinier (Brossard, CA), Eldad M. Zeira (Huntington, NY)

A method and a wireless transmit/receive unit (WTRU) are disclosed. The WTRU comprises a receiver, a transmitter, and a processor. The WTRU receives a system information block (SIB) including a parameter indicating a number of transmissions for a random access message and a parameter indicating transmission duration information for the random access message. The WTRU transmits a random access preamble and a random access message, wherein the random access message is transmitted for a duration indicated by the parameter indicating transmission duration information for the random access message. The WTRU retransmits the random access message, wherein the random access message is retransmitted a number of times indicated by the parameter indicating the number of transmissions for the random access message and for the duration indicated by the parameter indicating transmission duration information for the random access message.

Convolutional layer acceleration unit, embedded system having the same, and method for operating the embedded system
Patent number: 11580386
Assignee: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute (Daejeon, KR)
Inventors: Seung-Tae Hong (Daejeon, KR)

Disclosed herein are a convolutional layer acceleration unit, an embedded system having the convolutional layer acceleration unit, and a method for operating the embedded system. The method for operating an embedded system, the embedded system performing an accelerated processing capability programmed using a Lightweight Intelligent Software Framework (LISF), includes initializing and configuring, by a parallelization managing function entity (FE), entities present in resources for performing mathematical operations in parallel, and processing in parallel, by an acceleration managing FE, the mathematical operations using the configured entities.

Method of, and a system for, drilling to a position relative to a geological boundary
Patent number: 11579572
Assignee: Technological Resources Pty Limited (Melbourne, AU)
Inventors: Charles Benjamin McHugh (Kensington, AU)

A system for mining material in a seam under an overburden layer using a geological model map of a geological formation, including a desired drilling end point at a predefined position relative to a geological boundary between the overburden layer and seam. A drill controller controls operation of a drill drilling a blast hole. A sensor pack senses, while drilling the blast hole, blast hole drilling operation parameters; and feeds the sensed parameters in real time to the drill controller. A data storage module stores a geological model of the geological formation and sensed parameters data. A processor module generates a geological model map including the desired drilling end point and locates the drill bit position relative to the geological boundary and such end point. The drill controller drills to the desired drilling end point and causes the drill to stop drilling upon reaching such end point.

Compositions and methods for reprogramming somatic cells into induced vasculogenic cells
Patent number: 11578107
Assignee: Ohio State Innovation Foundation (Columbus, OH)
Inventors: Daniel Gallego-Perez (Columbus, OH, US), Ly James Lee (Columbus, OH, US), Durba Pal (Kolkata, IN), Subhadip Ghatak (Columbus, OH, US), Chandan Sen (Upper Arlington, OH, US)

Disclosed herein are compositions and methods that involve using compositions containing one or more of ETV2, FOXC2, FLI1 and a miR-200b inhibitor for directly reprogramming somatic cells into induced vasculogenic cells both in vitro and in vivo. These compositions and methods are useful for a variety of purposes, including the development of pro-angiogenic therapies.

Bay door recyclable dosepak
Patent number: 11577898
Assignee: WestRock MWV, LLC (Atlanta, GA, US)
Inventors: Robert P. Harris (Henrico, VA, US), James D. Knotts (Glen Allen, VA, US)

A packaging comprising: (a) an outer card having one or more cavities; and (b) one or more blister cards housed within the one or more cavities, wherein the one or more blister cards are removable from the one or more cavities so that the one or more blister cards are disposable separate from the outer card.

Systems and methods for solvent extraction
Patent number: 11577270
Assignee: Nordson Corporation (Westlake, OH)
Inventors: Per Orla-Jensen (Vista, CA, US), Stephane Etienne (Bouaye, FR)

Systems and methods for venting a solvent are disclosed. The system includes a chamber, such as an oven having an interior volume defining a heating zone, where the interior volume receives at least one substrate coated with a coating material comprising a solvent. The system further includes a vent coupled to the oven and defining a passage between the interior volume and the environment external to the oven. The system also includes a solvent sensor measuring an amount of evaporated solvent present in the interior volume, and a fan removing at least a portion of the solvent from the interior volume. The system may also include a coating assembly including an applicator and a flow meter, wherein the applicator applies a portion of the coating material to the substrate, and the flow meter determines the amount of coating material applied to the substrate.

Dance blanket
Patent number: 11577156
Inventors: Yiting Chen (Shenzhen, CN)

A dance blanket relates to the technical field of dance blankets, comprising: a blanket body and a main control box detachably assembled on the blanket body; wherein the main control box comprises: a housing, a processor built into the housing, a music playback module built into the housing and electrically connected to the processor, a power supply module built into the housing and electrically connected to the processor, and a sound outlet hole provided on the housing and corresponding to an outside of the music playback module; and wherein the blanket body has a secondary control box built into the blanket body, and the secondary control box is provided with a data line for connecting with a data line interface on the main control box; or the main control box is provided with a data line used for connecting to the data line interface on the secondary control box.

Hybrid ingress protected connector and adapter assembly
Patent number: 11579374
Assignee: Senko Advanced Components, Inc. (Hudson, MA, US)
Inventors: Benjamin Lee (Wayland, MA, US), Paul Newbury (Ashland, MA, US), Kazuyoshi Takano (Tokyo, JP), Jeffrey Gniadek (Oxford, ME, US)

A hybrid ingress protection adapter and connector assembly, connecting the housing with a releasably replaceable connector and power assembly to an adapter that is mount on a panel. The connector has a pair of lead-ins that protect a ferrule of a plural of fiber optic connectors, and the lead-ins are of varying length allow blind mating of the connector assembly with the adapter assembly.

Associating an information reader and a medical device
Patent number: 11581078
Assignee: CareFusion 303, Inc. (San Diego, CA, US)
Inventors: Daniel Vik (Sunnyvale, CA, US), Sreelal Chandrasenan (San Diego, CA, US), Gregory Borges (San Diego, CA, US)

A device agent including an information accessor for accessing association information obtained via an information reader. The association information includes medical device information for uniquely identifying the medical device, and device agent information for facilitating in an association between the medical device and the information reader. The device agent also includes an associator for associating the medical device and the information reader based on the association information.

Systems and methods for estimating flight range of an electric aircraft
Patent number: 11577848
Assignee: BETA AIR, LLC (South Burlington, VT, US)
Inventors: Steven J. Foland (South Burlington, VT, US)

A system for estimating flight range of an electric aircraft. The system generally includes at least a sensor and a flight controller. The at least a sensor is communicatively connected to at least a flight component. The at least a sensor is configured to detect a performance datum of the at least a flight component. The flight controller is communicatively connected to the at least a sensor. The flight controller is configured to receive the performance datum from the at least a sensor, determine an energy performance datum from the performance datum, determine a flight performance datum from the performance datum, generate a projected flight range datum as a function of the energy performance datum and the flight performance datum, and display the projected flight range datum. A method for estimating flight range of an electric aircraft is also provided.

Dynamic content serving using a media device
Patent number: 11582537
Assignee: Inscape Data, Inc. (Irvine, CA)
Inventors: Zeev Neumeier (Berkeley, CA), Brian Reed (Darien, CT, US)

Methods, systems, devices, and computer-program products are described herein for providing dynamic content serving. The dynamic content serving technology can identify, in real-time, programming arriving at a client device, identify a specific media segment being received and/or displayed, and determine which pre-stored substitute media segment may be used to replace the identified segment. A picture-in-picture channel can be used to display the substitute media segment.

Systems and methods for controlling operations of a fluid distribution system
Patent number: 11579635
Assignee: Hayward Industries, Inc. (Berkeley Heights, NJ, US)
Inventors: Kevin Doyle (Pompano Beach, FL, US), William Weiss (Parkland, FL, US)

A first valve of a manifold for a fluid distribution system may regulate a fluid flow to a first fluid handling device (“FHD”). A second valve of the manifold may communicate with a second FHD, a reservoir, or a recirculation line. A target flow condition for the manifold may be determined by a manifold control system (“MCS”) based on a device setting received for the first FHD. The MCS may determine a fluid distribution system operation for obtaining the target flow condition based on the target flow condition, a flowrate of the fluid flow, and an operational state of a supply device. The operation may include the MCS controlling at least one of the supply device, the first valve, and the second valve to change the flowrate. The MCS may continuously operate at least one manifold valve to maintain the target flow condition once exhibited by the manifold.

Vehicle interior component
Patent number: 11578515
Assignee: Shanghai Yanfeng Jinqiao Automotive Trim Systems Co. Ltd. (Novi, MI)
Inventors: Thomas Scott Hodgson (Holland, MI, US)

A vehicle interior component configured to be actuated by an inertia force is disclosed. The component may comprise a cover moveable relative to a base between closed and open positions and a latch mechanism to provide a latched state for the cover when actuated by the inertia force and to hold the cover in an unlatched state. The latch mechanism may be configured to change state of the cover from the unlatched state to the latched state when actuated by the inertia force. The cover may comprise the latch mechanism. The latch mechanism may extend from the cover in the latched state. The latch mechanism may form a generally continuous surface with a wall of the cover when unlatched. The latch mechanism may comprise a spring to hold the cover in the unlatched state. The component may comprise at least one of a console; center console; floor console; an armrest.

Drill guide assembly and method
Patent number: 11576685
Assignee: Medtronic PS Medical, Inc. (Fort Worth, TX, US)
Inventors: Jennifer Card (Fort Worth, TX, US), Brad Clayton (Superior, CO, US), Allen P. Hilton (Arlington, TX, US), John W. Kulas (Euless, TX, US)

Disclosed is a system to engage one or more tools. In the system, a drive shaft and collet may be assembled to engage and disengage, selectively, a plurality of tools. A guide may be used with the system to select various features of a procedure, such as depth and position.

Regulatable chimeric antigen receptor
Patent number: 11578130
Assignee: Novartis Ag (Basel, CH), The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)
Inventors: Jennifer Brogdon (Sudbury, MA), Boris Engels (Arlington, MA), David Jonathan Glass (Cambridge, MA), Brian Granda (Salisbury, MA, US), John Hastewell (Cambridge, MA), Andreas Loew (Boston, MA), Joan Mannick (Cambridge, MA), Michael C. Milone (Moorestown, NJ, US), Leon Murphy (Cambridge, MA), William Raj Sellers (Cambridge, MA), Huijuan Song (Shanghai, CN), Brian Edward Vash (Cambridge, MA), Jan Weiler (Cambridge, MA), Qilong Wu (Shanghai, CN), Li Zhou (Cambridge, MA)

Compositions and methods relating to regulatable chimeric antigen receptors (RCARs), where the intracellular signaling or proliferation of the RCAR can be controlled to optimize the use of an RCAR-expressing cell to provide an immune response, are provided. For example, a RCAR can comprise a dimerization switch that, upon the presence of a dimerization molecule, can couple an intracellular signaling domain to an extracellular recognition element, e.g., an antigen binding domain, an inhibitory counter ligand binding domain, or costimulatory ECD domain. An RCAR can be engineered to include an appropriate antigen binding domain that is specific to a desired antigen target and used in the treatment of a disease.

Ice processing system
Patent number: 11576408
Assignee: BSH Home Appliances Corporation (Irvine, CA, US), BSH Hausgeräte GmbH (Munich, DE)
Inventors: Christopher Jacobs (Oak Ridge, TN, US), Wesley Tennyson (Oak Ridge, TN, US)

An ice processing system may include a plurality of electrodes configured to create a time-varying electromagnetic field in a cavity, and a controller configured to oscillate a density of the electromagnetic field at a frequency which depends on the temperature of an object in the cavity. The frequency is selected based on a temperature of the object to establish and maintain a resonance condition of dipoles in ice crystals present in the object, such that the electromagnetic field tends to selectively heat ice substantially without heating liquid-phase water.

Resolve path optical sampling architectures
Patent number: 11579080
Inventors: Mark Alan Arbore (Los Altos, CA, US), Matthew A. Terrel (Campbell, CA, US), Jason Pele (Sunnyvale, CA, US)

Described here are optical sampling architectures and methods for operation thereof. An optical sampling architecture can be capable of emitting a launch sheet light beam towards a launch region and receiving a detection sheet light beam from a detection region. The launch region can have one dimension that is elongated relative to another dimension. The detection region can also have one dimension elongated relative to another dimension such that the system can selectively accept light having one or more properties (e.g., angle of incidence, beam size, beam shape, etc.). In some examples, the elongated dimension of the detection region can be greater than the elongated dimension of the launch region. In some examples, the system can include an outcoupler array and associated components for creating a launch sheet light beam having light rays with different in-plane launch positions and/or in-plane launch angles.

Control mechanisms and methods of tool-holding arm for exoskeletons
Patent number: 11577410
Assignee: Ekso Bionics, Inc. (Richmond, CA, US)
Inventors: Adam Preuss (Santa Rosa, CA, US), Chris Meadows (Richmond, CA, US), Kurt Amundson (Berkeley, CA, US), Russ Angold (American Canyon, CA, US), James Lubin (Oakland, CA, US), Mario Solano (Richmond, CA, US), Tom Mastaler (Hercules, CA, US), Nicholas Fleming (Oakland, CA, US), Matt Sweeney (Sacramento, CA)

A tool-holding arm includes a plurality of links and a tool coupling that removably secures a tool to the tool-holding arm. A first fluid spring provides a gravity-counteracting force to the tool-holding arm. A locking mechanism selectively locks the first fluid spring. An adjustment mechanism selectively adjusts an amount of the gravity-counteracting force provided by the first fluid spring.

Via in semiconductor device structure
Patent number: 11581222
Assignee: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd. (Hsinchu, TW)
Inventors: Chun-Jui Huang (New Taipei, TW), Li-Te Lin (Hsinchu, TW), Pinyen Lin (Rochester, NY)

A semiconductor device structure is provided. The semiconductor device structure includes a gate stack and a source/drain contact structure formed over a substrate. A first gate spacer is separated the gate stack from the source/drain contact structure and extends above top surfaces of the gate stack and the source/drain contact structure. An insulating capping layer covers the top surface of the gate stack and extends on the top surface of the first gate spacer. A conductive via structure partially covers the top surface of the insulating capping layer and the top surface of the source/drain contact structure. A first insulating layer surrounds the conductive via structure and partially covers the top surface of the source/drain contact structure.

Display panel having a first conductive layer connecting the first pixel electrode to the first synchronization pixel electrode
Patent number: 11581379
Assignee: Samsung Display Co., Ltd. (Gyeonggi-do, KR)
Inventors: Sanghoon Lee (Yongin-si, KR), Taewoo Kim (Yongin-si, KR), Kinyeng Kang (Yongin-si, KR), Taehoon Yang (Yongin-si, KR), Seunghwan CHO (Yongin-si, KR), Jonghyun Choi (Yongin-si, KR)

A display panel having improved product reliability includes a substrate including an opening area, a synchronization display area surrounding the opening area, and a display area arranged on a periphery of the synchronization display area, a plurality of signal lines arranged over the substrate, a first sub-pixel including a first pixel electrode arranged in the display area and a first intermediate layer which is arranged on the first pixel electrode and emits light having a first wavelength, a first synchronization sub-pixel including a first synchronization pixel electrode arranged in the synchronization display area and a first synchronization intermediate layer which is arranged on the first synchronization pixel electrode and emits light having the first wavelength as the first sub-pixel, and a first conductive layer connecting the first pixel electrode to the first synchronization pixel electrode.

Apparatus and method for managing resource of radio unit of base station in wireless communication system
Patent number: 11582754
Assignee: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Suwon-si, KR)
Inventors: Sunguk Huh (Suwon-si, KR), Daejoong Kim (Suwon-si, KR), Jaeyoel Kim (Suwon-si, KR), Wonwoo Rhim (Suwon-si, KR), Namryul Jeon (Suwon-si, KR)

The disclosure relates to a pre 5th generation (5G) or 5G communication system to be provided for supporting higher data rates beyond 4th generation (4G) communication system such as long term evolution (LTE). A method for operating a radio unit (RU) of a base station is provided. The method includes transmitting, to a digital unit (DU), a first message comprising a value indicating the maximum number of masks for one resource area, and receiving, from the DU, a second message generated based on the value, wherein the mask may indicate resources to which the same beam is applied within the resource area.

Handheld backscatter imaging systems with primary and secondary detector arrays
Patent number: 11579327
Assignee: American Science And Engineering, Inc. (Billerica, MA)
Inventors: Aaron J. Couture (Reading, MA), Jeffrey M. Denker (Woburn, MA)

The present specification provides a detector for an X-ray imaging system. The detector includes at least one high resolution layer having high resolution wavelength-shifting optical fibers, each fiber occupying a distinct region of the detector, at least one low resolution layer with low resolution regions, and a single segmented multi-channel photo-multiplier tube for coupling signals obtained from the high resolution fibers and the low resolution regions.

Fruit fly trap
Patent number: 11576363
Inventors: Yumei Tian (Dongguan, CN)

The invention discloses a fruit fly trap comprising a flowerpot, a cover plate and flypaper, wherein the cover plate is provided with a plurality of inlets for allowing the fruit fly to enter the interior of the flowerpot, each inlet respectively extends towards a bottom direction of the flowerpot to form a lengthened inlet pipe, and the flypaper is mounted on the cover plate by a bracket. According to the invention, the fruit fly can be attracted into the interior of the flowerpot, the lengthened inlet pipe makes the fruit fly difficult to escape until death, the flypaper can stick the flying fruit fly, and the fruit fly can be effectively attracted and killed.

Movement reconstruction control system
Patent number: 11580877
Assignee: ONWARD MEDICAL N.V. (Eindhoven, NL)
Inventors: Miroslav Caban (Eindhoven, NL), Niek Borgers (Eindhoven, NL), Urs Keller (Eindhoven, NL), Joachim von Zitzewitz (Eindhoven, NL), Jurriaan Bakker (Eindhoven, NL), Vincent DELATTRE (Eindhoven, NL), Emmanuel Pignat (Eindhoven, NL)

The present invention relates to a control system for a movement reconstruction and/or restoration system for a patient, comprising a movement model generation module to generate movement model data information, an analysis module receiving and processing data provided at least by the movement model generation module, wherein the control system is configured and arranged to prepare and provide on the basis of data received by the movement model generation module and the analysis module a movement model describing the movement of a patient and providing, on the basis of the movement model, stimulation data for movement reconstruction and/or restoration.

Method and system for testing an integrated circuit
Patent number: 11579191
Assignee: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Hsinchu, TW)
Inventors: Chi-Che Wu (Hsinchu, TW), Tsung-Yang Hung (Hsinchu County, TW), Ming-Yih Wang (Hsinchu, TW)

A method is provided in the present disclosure. The method includes several operations: generating, by a processing unit, a mapping table associated with multiple scan chains and multiple shift cycles corresponding to multiple values stored in the scan chains in an integrated circuit; determining, based on the mapping table, at least one fail flip flop in the scan chains in response to the values outputted from the scan chains; and identifying at least one fault site corresponding to the at least one fail flip flop.

Camera opening for smartphone case to reduce flash glare
Patent number: 11582341
Assignee: Vinci Brands LLC (Tustin, CA, US)
Inventors: Markus Diebel (San Francisco, CA, US)

A case for portable electronic devices such as smartphones includes a feature to prevent glare from a flash from affecting images and video captured by a camera lens and also may include a battery to extend battery life of the electronic device. Smartphones have telephony, Internet connectivity, and camera and video features. Photos and video may be uploaded through the Internet or sent to other phones. The case has a hole for a camera flash of the smartphone. The edging of the hole is colored black or another dark color to prevent glare from appearing in the photos or video taken by the smartphone when using the camera flash.

Anti-CTLA4 and anti-PD-1 bifunctional antibody, pharmaceutical composition thereof and use thereof
Patent number: 11578128
Inventors: Baiyong Li (Guangdong, CN), Yu Xia (Guangdong, CN), Zhongmin Maxwell Wang (Guangdong, CN), Peng Zhang (Guangdong, CN)

An anti-CTLA4 (cytotoxic T lymphocyte associated antigen 4) and anti-PD-1 (programmed cell death 1) bifunctional antibody. a pharmaceutical composition thereof and use thereof. Particularly, the anti-CLTA4 and anti-PD-1 bifunctional antibody comprises a first protein functional domain that targets PD-1 and a second protein functional domain that targets CTLA-4. The bifunctional antibody can bind to CTLA-4 and PD-1 specifically, relieve immunosuppression of CTLA4 and PD-1 on an organism specifically, activate T lymphocytes, and thus has good application prospects.

Security tool for n-tier platforms
Patent number: 11580255
Assignee: Bank Of America Corporation (Charlotte, NC)
Inventors: Savitri Jaganath Podal (Mumbai, IN), Jyotiranjan Mohapatra (Hyderabad, IN), Vishal Patangia (West Hills, CA, US)

An apparatus includes a memory and a hardware processor. The memory stores a plurality of logging rules. Each logging rule assigned to a tier of a multi-tier platform. The processor receives source code for an application configured to execute on a plurality of tiers of the multi-tier platform and detects, within the source code, an entry point and an exit point for a tier of the plurality of tiers. The processor determines, based on the plurality of logging rules, a first attribute that is to be logged during execution in the tier and a second attribute that is not to be logged during execution in the tier and inserts, between the entry point and the exit point in the source code, logging code that, when executed, logs the first attribute and hides the second attribute.

Driving assistance apparatus
Patent number: 11577724
Assignee: Denso Corporation (Kariya, Aichi-pref., JP)
Inventors: Takahiro Shimizu (Kariya, JP)

In a driving assistance apparatus, an image acquiring unit acquires a captured image captured by an onboard camera. Based on the captured image acquired by the image acquiring unit, a boundary line recognizing unit recognizes a boundary line that demarcates a traffic lane in which an own vehicle is driving. A road information acquiring unit acquires road information related to a road on which the own vehicle is driving. Based on the road information acquired by the road information acquiring unit, a degree-of-reliability setting unit sets a degree of reliability of the boundary line recognized by the boundary line recognizing unit. Based on the boundary line recognized by the boundary line recognizing unit, a driving assisting unit performs driving assistance of the own vehicle and varies control content of the driving assistance based on the degree of reliability.

Methods of treating or preventing estrogen-related diseases
Patent number: 11576891
Assignee: Endorecherche, Inc. (CA)
Inventors: Fernand Labrie (Québec, CA)

Methods for treating or reducing the likelihood of acquiring estrogen-related (e.g. estrogen-exacerbated) diseases including endometriosis include administering to a patient a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM), in combination with inhibiting ovarian secretions, e.g., by administering an LHRH agonist or antagonist. In some embodiments, a precursor of sex steroids, said precursor being selected from the group consisting of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEA-S), androst-5-ene-3β,17β-diol (5 diol), and androstenedione or a compound transformed into one of these, is also administered.

Enthalpy exchanger
Patent number: 11578881
Assignee: Core Energy Recovery Solutions Inc. (Vancouver, British Columbia, CA)
Inventors: Curtis Warren Mullen (Vancouver, CA), David Erwin Kadylak (Surrey, CA), Christopher Robert Barr (Coquitlam, CA), James Franklin Dean (West Vancouver, CA), Guy Timothy Pearson (North Vancouver, CA)

A heat and humidity exchanger comprises panels made up of membrane sheets attached on either side of a separator. Channels extend across each panel between the separator and the membrane sheets. The panels are much stiffer than the membrane sheets. Panels are stacked in a spaced apart relationship to provide an ERV core. Spacing between adjacent panels may be smaller than a thickness of the panels.

Apparatus and method for contoured-surface component repair
Patent number: 11579584
Assignee: The Boeing Company (Arlington, VA, US)
Inventors: Christopher Brooks, Jr. (Mount Pleasant, SC, US), Phillip Crothers (Hampton, AU)

Disclosed herein is a method of repairing a component. The method includes scanning a damaged area of the component, and preparing a repair plan in response to the scanning. The method may also include providing the repair plan to a guided tool having a position correcting controller, and removing damaged material from the component in preparation for a repair operation. An apparatus is also disclosed that includes a computing device configured for performing actions. The computing device includes a processor and a local memory. The actions include detecting damage to the component, recording position information of the detected damage, and incorporating the position information in the repair plan.

Suspension frame assembly of magnetic levitation vehicle
Patent number: 11577614
Assignee: CRRC QINGDAO SIFANG CO., LTD. (Shandong, CN)
Inventors: Xiankai Liu (Shandong, CN), Xiaojun Deng (Shandong, CN), Dalian Yu (Shandong, CN), Huijuan Li (Shandong, CN), Haixia Guo (Shandong, CN), Fujie Jiang (Shandong, CN), Zhaofu Li (Shandong, CN), Jin Luan (Shandong, CN), Hao Jin (Shandong, CN)

A suspension frame assembly of a magnetic levitation vehicle, includes multiple suspension frames which are sequentially connected; and each suspension frame includes two longitudinal beam bodies arranged in parallel. A supporting wheel and a holding arm are fixedly provided on both ends of each longitudinal beam body; and two anti-rolling devices mounted between mounting frames of two of the supporting wheels at a same end of the two longitudinal beam bodies; and the two longitudinal beam bodies of one of the suspension frames are respectively hingedly connected to the two longitudinal beam bodies of an adjacent suspension frame; an air-spring arm beam is provided at a hinged part of the two suspension frames, and is mounted on the holding arm of one of the two longitudinal beam bodies which are hingedly connected.

Method for producing a polyurethane polymer
Patent number: 11578027
Assignee: Milliken & Company (Spartanburg, SC, US)
Inventors: Chunping Xie (Shanghai, CN), Zhaolin Zhou (Singapore, SG), Xiaodong Zhao (Shanghai, CN), Hong Chen (Shanghai, CN)

A method for producing a polyurethane polymer comprises the steps of: (a) providing a polyol composition, the polyol composition comprising (i) a polyol, (ii) a polyethylenimine compound; and (iii) a bisulfite compound, (b) providing an isocyanate compound; (c) providing a catalyst; (d) combining and reacting the polyol composition, the isocyanate compound, and the catalyst to produce a polyurethane polymer.

Resin composition and method for producing the same
Patent number: 11578193
Inventors: Masahiko Ota (Kurashiki, JP), Nicholas John McCaffrey (Victoria, AU)

Provided is a resin composition comprising a starch and a polyvinyl alcohol, which is excellent in the breaking strength and breaking elongation at a low temperature, and at the same time, has the good gas barrier property. The resin composition comprises modified starch and polyvinyl alcohol, and where in a cross section photograph by a transmission electron microscope, a cross-sectional area of each of particles of the polyvinyl alcohol dispersed is calculated, and a cross-sectional shape of each of the particles of the polyvinyl alcohol is postulated to be circular based on the cross-sectional area, the particles of the polyvinyl alcohol have a conversion particle diameter of 50 to 300 nm, and the conversion particle diameter has a dispersity of 3.0 or less.

Pulsed passive charge recovery circuitry for an implantable medical device
Patent number: 11577073
Assignee: Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation (Valencia, CA)
Inventors: Emanuel Feldman (Simi Valley, CA), Jordi Parramon (Valencia, CA), Goran N. Marnfeldt (Valencia, CA), Adam T. Featherstone (Meridian, ID, US)

The problem of a potentially high amount of supra-threshold charge passing through the patient's tissue at the end of an Implantable Pulse Generator (IPG) program is addressed by circuitry that periodically dissipates only small amount of the charge stored on capacitances (e.g., DC-blocking capacitors) during a pulsed post-program recovery period. This occurs by periodically activating control signals to turn on passive recovery switches to form a series of discharge pulses each dissipating a sub-threshold amount of charge. Such periodic pulsed dissipation may extend the duration of post-program recovery, but is not likely to be noticeable by the patient when the programming in the IPG changes from a first to a second program. Periodic pulsed dissipation of charge may also be used during a program, such as between stimulation pulses.

Video coding method on basis of secondary transform, and device for same
Patent number: 11582486
Assignee: Lg Electronics Inc. (Seoul, KR)
Inventors: Moonmo Koo (Seoul, KR), Seunghwan Kim (Seoul, KR), Jaehyun Lim (Seoul, KR)

A video decoding method according to the present document is characterized by comprising: a step for deriving transform coefficients through inverse quantization on the basis of quantized transform coefficients for a target block; a step for deriving modified transform coefficients on the basis of an inverse reduced secondary transform (RST) of the transform coefficients; and a step for generating a reconstructed picture on the basis of residual samples for the target block on the basis of an inverse primary transform of the modified transform coefficients, wherein the inverse RST using a transform kernel matrix is performed on transform coefficients of the upper-left 4×4 region of an 8×8 region of the target block, and the modified transform coefficients of the upper-left 4×4 region, upper-right 4×4 region, and lower-left 4×4 region of the 8×8 region are derived through the inverse RST.

Lithium ion battery and electrolyte thereof
Patent number: 11581567
Assignee: Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (Ningde, CN)
Inventors: Ming Zhang (Fujian, CN), Changlong Han (Fujian, CN), Hao Zhang (Fujian, CN), Cuiping Zhang (Fujian, CN)

The present invention provides a lithium ion battery and an electrolyte thereof. The electrolyte for the lithium ion battery includes a non-aqueous organic solvent, a lithium salt and additives, wherein the additives include additive A cyclophosphazene compound, additive B lithium fluorophosphate compound, and additive C selected from at least one of silane phosphate compound, silane phosphite compound and silane borate compound. Compared with conventional technologies, the nickel-rich positive electrode lithium ion battery using the electrolyte of the present invention has a desirable cyclic capacity retention rate, a desirable storage capacity retention rate and a low gas production at high temperature, and has a low DC internal resistance at low temperature, which can remarkably improve the thermal stability of lithium ion battery.

Method for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension and associated pulmonary arterial hypertension and daily dosing
Patent number: 11576915
Assignee: Altavant Sciences GmbH (Basel, CH)
Inventors: Magdalena Alonso-Galicia (Durham, NC, US), David Carpenter (Durham, NC, US), Thomas Pack (Durham, NC, US), Melissa Rhodes (Raleigh, NC, US), Julie Rurka (Raleigh, NC, US), Steve Wring (South Boston, VA, US)

There is a method of treating or preventing pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) or associated pulmonary arterial hypertension (APAH) in a patient. The method has the step of systemically administering to the patient a therapeutically effective amount of one or more compounds: (S)-ethyl 8-(2-amino-6-((R)-1-(5-chloro-[1,1′-biphenyl]-2-yl)-2,2,2-trifluoroethoxy)pyrimidin-4-yl)-2,8-diazaspiro[4.5]decane-3-carboxylate or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, or (S)-8-(2-amino-6-((R)-1-(5-chloro-[1,1′-biphenyl]-2-yl)-2,2,2-trifluoroeth-oxy)pyrimidin-4-yl)-2,8-diazaspiro[4.5]decane-3-carboxylic acid or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, or a combination of the foregoing. There is also a method of treating or preventing PAH or APAH in a patient by systemically administering a therapeutically effective amount of a THP1 inhibitor from about 1 mg/kg/day to about 50 mg/kg/day. There is a method for treating PAH or APAH in a patient with a single daily dose.

Vapor chamber, electronic device, metallic sheet for vapor chamber and manufacturing method of vapor chamber
Patent number: 11578927
Assignee: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, JP)
Inventors: Shinichiro Takahashi (Tokyo-to, JP), Kenro Hirata (Tokyo-to, JP), Takayuki Ota (Tokyo-to, JP), Taizo Hashimoto (Tokyo-to, JP), Kiyotaka Takematsu (Tokyo-to, JP)

A liquid flow path portion of a vapor chamber according to this invention includes a first main flow groove, a second main flow groove and a third main flow groove. A first convex array including a plurality of first convex portions arranged via a first communicating groove is provided between the first main flow groove and the second main flow groove. A second convex array including a plurality of second convex portions arranged via a second communicating groove is provided between the second main flow groove and the third main flow groove. The main flow groove includes a first intersection at which at least a part of the first communicating groove faces each second convex portion and a second intersection at which at least a part of the second communicating groove faces each first convex portion.

Apparatus and method for diagnosing insulation condition between battery pack and ground, and battery pack including the apparatus
Patent number: 11581590
Assignee: LG Energy Solution, Ltd.
Inventors: Jin-Hwee Choi (Daejeon, KR)

An apparatus for diagnosing an insulation condition between a battery pack and the ground includes a first resistor element electrically connected between a positive terminal of the battery pack and the ground, and a control circuit. The control circuit records a current flowing through the first test port as a first test current, while a high-level voltage is being applied between the positive terminal and the ground. The controller diagnoses the insulation condition between the battery pack and the ground, based on the first test current.

Inferior permanent magnet electric motor and rotor included therein
Patent number: 11581765
Assignee: Hyundai Motor Company (Seoul, KR), Kia Motors Corporation (Seoul, KR)
Inventors: Sang Hwa Do (Gyeonggi-do, KR), Kyoung Bum Kim (Gyeonggi-do, KR), Yeon Ho Kim (Gyeonggi-do, KR), Jae Bum Park (Gyeonggi-do, KR), Nyeon Han Hong (Gangwon-do, KR), Hee Ra Lee (Gyeonggi-do, KR)

An interior permanent magnet electric motor forms a buried angle of a left permanent magnet of a slot part of a rotor differently from a buried angle of a right permanent magnet of the slot part of the rotor, so as to reduce torque ripple while sufficiently maintaining motor efficiency as compared to an I-type rotor to effectively improve noise, vibration, and harshness performance.

Method of facilitating straining of a semiconductor element for semiconductor fabrication, semiconductor platform obtained by the method, and optoelectronic device comprising the semiconductor platform
Patent number: 11581451
Assignee: Nanyang Technological University (Singapore, SG), Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (Cambridge, MA)
Inventors: Yiding Lin (Singapore, SG), Jurgen Michel (Cambridge, MA, US), Chuan Seng Tan (Singapore, SG)

Disclosed is a method of facilitating straining of a semiconductor element (331) for semiconductor fabrication. In a described embodiment, the method comprises: providing a base layer (320) with the semiconductor element (331) arranged on a first base portion (321) of the base layer (320), the semiconductor element (331) being subjected to a strain relating to a characteristic of the first base portion (321); and adjusting the characteristic of the first base portion (321) to facilitate straining of the semiconductor element (331).

Reducing latency of digital content delivery over a network
Patent number: 11580186
Assignee: Google Llc (Mountain View, CA)
Inventors: Scott Tadashi Davies (Santa Monica, CA, US), Justin Lewis (Marina del Rey, FL)

A system including an electronic document inspection device that identifies a set of electronic documents using a search query; a composite page generator that generates a composite page that i) is hosted by a different domain than at least some electronic documents in the set of electronic documents and ii) includes electronic documents from the set of electronic documents; an asset package generator that generates digital content asset packages, each digital content asset package including i) digital content assets and ii) instructions that specify a configuration of the digital content assets for the respective digital content asset package; and an asset package list generator that generates a digital content asset package list specifying an order of presentation of the digital content asset packages, wherein the composite page, the digital content asset packages, and the digital content asset package list are transmitted to a user device that provides the search query.