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Patent Abstract
Inorganic intumescent fire protective coatings
Patent number: 4888057
Assignee: Her Majesty The Queen As Represented By The Minister Of National Defence (CA)
Inventors: Dat T. Nguyen (Mississauga, CA), Dwight E. Veinot (Halifax, CA), James Foster (Mississauga, CA)

The invention disclosed is a fire resistant inorganic coating composition which intumesces when subject to high temperatures to form a substantially continuous heat insulating structure and retains this structure for prolonged periods at temperatures up to C. The coating composition comprises A composite fire-protective coating system is also disclosed which comprises a plurality of coatings sequentially applied to the substrate, typically aluminum, to be protected. Specifically, a first heat resistant, substantially air impermeable bonding layer and an inorganic intumescent layer as described above. An additional heat resistant air impermeable layer may be included as a top coat. Some applications may require an additional inorganic intumescent layer.

Method for evaluating similarity of signals having a carrier frequency offset
Patent number: 5363103
Assignee: Her Majesty The Queen As Represented By The Minister Of National Defence (Ottawa, CA)
Inventors: Robert J. Inkol (Orleans, CA)

A method and apparatus for evaluating the similarity of multi-mode radar pulses detected by a passive ESM receiver. The method consists of fitting a straight line to the differential phase of pairs of received signals, one signal of a pair being a currently received signal pulse and the other a previously received signal pulse, by a best least squares fit method. The slope of that straight line gives the frequency offset between the signals and the mean square error between the actual phase-time data and the straight line indicates the similarity of the signals. A second measure of the similarity of the signals can be obtained by applying statistical tests for serial correlation in the difference between the phase-time data and the straight line.