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Patent Abstract
Waterproofing sheet material
Patent number: 4272582
Assignee: Tremco, Inc. (Cleveland, OH)
Inventors: Charles A. Kumins (Gates Mills, OH), Milan L. Warford (Shaker Heights, OH)

A waterproofing sheet material useful for example as a free floating membrane or flashing material in roofing applications, a pond liner, or a gasketing material, composed of from about 15 wt. % to about 80 wt. % of an ingredient selected from the group consisting of: (a) homopolymers of alkadienes and substituted alkadienes (b) addition copolymers of alkadienes with unsaturated monomers (c) homopolymers of alkenes and substituted alkenes selected from the group consisting of polyethylene, chlorosulfonated polyethylene and polyisobutylene (d) resin acids and resin acid derivatives (e) highly aromatic bituminous materials, and (f) pine oil and from about 85 wt. % to about 20 wt. % of a plasticized polyvinyl butyral resin. Minor amounts of fatty acids and paraffin wax may be added to improve low temperature properties and to facilitate processing a hot melt admixture of the ingredients into a sheet.

Aqueous silane coupling agent solution for use as a sealant primer
Patent number: 5363994
Assignee: Tremco, Inc. (Beachwood, OH)
Inventors: Barry D. Angeline (Cleveland Heights, OH)

An aqueous primer composition for facilitating and promoting good adhesion across an interface between a nonporous substrate and a polymeric coating composition contains from about 0.05 to about 0.3 parts by weight of an amimopropylsilane or a mercaptopropylsilane per 100 parts by weight of water and, optionally to facilitate adhesion under wet conditions, up to about 0.4 parts by weight of a hydrophobic silane per 100 parts by weight of water and aminopropylsilane or mercaptopropylsilane. The primer composition is nontoxic, nonflammable and free or substantially free of any environmentally undesirable volatile organic components. In accordance with a preferred aspect of the invention, the primer composition includes an effective amount of a conventional surfactant sufficient to uniformly wet the surface of the substrate to enable uniform dispersion of the silane coupling agent over the surface. The primer composition is also preferably adjusted to a pH of from about 2.0 to about 5.5 to inhibit condensation or oligomerization of the silane coupling agent and thereby increase the useful shelf-life of the composition.