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Patent Abstract
Proteolytic perhydrolysis system and method of use for bleaching
Patent number: 5364554
Assignee: The Clorox Company (Oakland, CA)
Inventors: Anna G. Stanislowski (Walnut Creek, CA), Fred A. Heitfeld (Castro Valley, CA), Richard J. Wiersema (Tracy, CA), Ayyookaran J. Poulose (San Bruno, CA)

A perhydrolysis system or activated oxidant system for in situ generation of peracid in aqueous solutions is disclosed including a protease enzyme, a source of hydrogen peroxide and an ester substrate having the general structure ##STR1## where R and R' are alkyl groups unsubstituted or substituted with at least one functional group. Preferred substrates are defined which are preferably chemically non-perhydrolyzable. Processes for bleaching and peracid production are also disclosed.