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Patent Abstract
Cathodic protection system and a coating and coating composition therefor
Patent number: 5364511
Assignee: Zeneca Limited (London, GB2)
Inventors: Peter J. Moreland (Frodsham, GB2), Frans L. Jozef de Peuter (Mol, BE)

Cathodic protection system for the cathodic protection of a reinforced concrete structure, which system comprises a concrete structure containing steel reinforcement bars and an electrically-conductive coating bonded to an external surface and in electrical contact with the structure, and wherein said electrically conductive coating is a non-cementitious coating comprising a matrix of an organic polymer containing electrical conductivity-providing particles of carbon coated with a conductive metal of a type possessing a natural passive oxide film which is itself electrically conductive, and an alkaline buffer material or combination of materials for inhibiting or preventing the build up of acidity in the coating when the cathodic protection system is in operation.